You become what you imagine.
And it is amazing how fast doors start opening for you when you take control of your situation.

And COMMAND your highest expectations to manifest themselves.

This is very much the opposite of doubting, second-guessing or being fearful.

And it’s also the opposite of working hard, throwing everything at it, blindly hoping that it works.

I so often see people looking up at their business success as to a mountain peak
So very far away from their current smallness.

Commanding your reality is literally moving up the mountain
And, from its peak, looking out over your world with a feeling of authority and control.

Commanding is choosing.
Commanding is deciding.
Commanding is knowing that your success is Inevitable.

So here’s my message to you today:
Dare to take control over your situation.
Dare to claim the good you wish in your business and life.
Dare to believe your desires are on their way to you.

And you’ll be amazed at how fast the doors to your wealth are opening up for you.

Want to start commanding your desires right now?
Here’s a simple technique you can apply right away:
Start blessing your life, your body, your business, your clothes, your food, the people coming into your life, etc.

Here some of the affirmations you can use:
For your accounts / wallet: I bless you for the wealth that is now starting to pour through you…
For your new day: I bless my day with fun, ease, and money flowing in.
For your body: I give thanks for increasing health, beauty and energy.
For your words: My words are now being charged with prospering power.
For your rooster: I give thanks that I am easily and abundantly booked out with soulmate clients.

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