I got this question during one of my private sessions today:

‘What do you do when you feel inspired to offer a program, but are afraid people will judge you or just not like it?’

I so resonated with this question.

Because there was a time when I did have all these exciting ideas just to demolish them one by one, afraid they were not good enough

to be paid for by anyone OR to be shared with the world.

So I would talk myself out of tens of beautiful programs and offers ideas

I would keep filtering and editing myself
and I would keep hiding,
too afraid to show up
too afraid to be judged
too afraid to fail
too afraid to be me.

The result? I lost time, money and, more importantly, confidence – for a good while.

Because the fear of blowing it all up
makes it so hard to grow, live, expand, or make an impact.

So here’s the thing:
You do have your inspiration and passion and ideas for a reason.
You are here with the exact message,
the exact skills and the exact talent to help your tribe.

Your excitement shows you the way, always –
it is your guidance system for what you are meant to create.
And it is safe for you to trust yourself.

It is safe for you to follow the ideas that fire you up.
It is safe to share your passion and message – with your tribe.
It is safe to pour in all out, with filtering and editing it – not even a bit.
It is safe to KNOW that your people, those that you are meant to serve,
always resonate, feel inspired and are enriched by your work.

And, of course, it is safe for you to be well paid for your soul work.
Because changing lives is priceless.
And the more you have, the more you can give
Staying in a purposeful, uplifting and loving flow.

So here’s the ONLY question you need to ask yourself before launching any offer:
‘Does this program feel exciting to share with the world?’

If the answer is yes, then go for it.
Because what sells is not the reasons why it should sell – it is your energy.

So feel free to play, feel free to experiment,
feel free to share your heart with the world.

And give yourself permission to learn, grow and do what you are here to do:
Impact the world, make lots of money, and have lots of fun along the way.

THIS deep soul work, and my desire to bring it to more and more people
are the exact reasons why I created The Mastermind two years ago.

And they are the exact reasons behind the fast and spectacular ways
in which so many women have completely changed their being,
their businesses and life – in these past years.

For these days only, The Mastermind is open.
And it comes with a special price: $1,000 OFF.
A price level never to be repeated again.

Feel it’s time?

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