This month ending soon was the best cash month in my business ever.
Like ever ever. 

The result? 
My biggest self-sabotage pattern kicked in.

I started feeling sick last week and by Monday I got without voice.
Towards the afternoon, I would try speaking and just squeaky sounds would come out.
Inconvenient, thinking that I had the live mastermind training coming up.


Fortunately, I knew what I was dealing with – my old resistance to fast easy uplevelling.
So I pulled out my tools and dealt with it.


Now, I know you are a powerful creator.
And I know you are still manifesting, among beautiful things, tons of resistance.
And you keep yourself playing small.
When you are made for so much greater experiences and impact.


So here’s a small tool kit for you to use when dealing with your self sabotage.


1. Pay attention when you feel resistance and get clear on your self-sabotage patterns.
They can be about procrastination, perfectionism, overanalyzing, getting sick, etc


2. Ask yourself: Who am I when I live my richest life?
Tune into the feelings, emotions and the way you show up once you get to have it all – your dream business, your dream life, your wealth, love, your freedom.


3. Ask yourself: How would that higher version of me deal with this sabotage pattern?
Start to write down and brain dump whatever comes up in your mind.


4. Follow that inspiration.
Start taking the steps you feel called to take – without overanalyzing, without procrastination.

I’ve used this exact process over the last 24 hours.

Yesterday I decided to show up for my mastermind and honor my commitments.

I was inspired to remove myself and my resistance from the process. 
And just channel the flow of my inspiration.

That’s how I found myself voicing words and thoughts that were just pouring through me.
And, miraculously, mid-way through the live training, my voice was completely back.

Today, I slept till 11 am today, allowing my body to recover.
I spent the rest of the morning applying face masks, running in the gym, taking a coffee in my favorite cafe by the park and just journaling and dreaming.

By the time I got home 2 sales had come in.
While I was doing NOTHING.

Except for taking care of my energy and returning to the state of ease, flow and inspiration.

This is YOUR state too.
And it’s the only energy that will help you create the life and business you want.

So if you’re tired of following the rules.
If you are tired of procrastination, lack of energy, overwhelm.
If you are tired of fighting your resistance while following marketing and funnels rules that don’t work out the way you want.

And if you are ready to start playing by your own rules.
Master your inner game.
And create your abundance and impact from a space of ease, alignment and inspiration….

I have a gift for you.
I’m offering you the possibility to discover the biggest subconscious roots of your (money) blocks and the best ways to remove them and step into a state of flow, alignment and ease.

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