One week ago I decided to invest into working with a multiple 8-figure coach. Private coaching, with the proper investment tag.

But it was not an easy decision.

And it was not just about THE money, it was about something else – even much bigger.

We are in the thick of remodeling our house. This weekend we worked till 4am to move into a new apartment, we are basically living out of boxes. And our lives are completely  upside down.  

While contemplating this upcoming storm, I just wanted to hide and get out only after everything was over. 

Let alone investing multiple 5 figures into a new mentor and holding myself accountable for accelerated growth.

But, against my better judgement ( or not ? ), I decided to move forward and push the limits.
I decided to go for the most uncomfortable choice of them all,
I decided to go all in and FINALLY let go of my excuses.
(Exactly when I had the best excuses, I must say.)

Now, what does this have to do with you?

I know you’ve been hiding.
And I know you’ve been hiding even when you thought you were taking massive action.

How do I know it?
Because somehow you regularly end up in the same old stories.
The same old struggles.
The same old doubts about your message, about your work. About you.
Even if you’ve been working on and with yourself for years.
Even if you’ve been healing and clearing blocks for years.

The truth is that you can heal, visualize and write affirmations as long as you want.
If you still hold on to your excuses,
if you still hold on to your fears
if you still keep editing yourself, revising your message doubting it, wondering…
if you still keep postponing going live, speaking your truth, speaking about your offer, calling in your tribe
if you still doubt people will hear you, see you, love you… pay you…
and if you still hold on to the reasons why it might not work

You’ll always end up in the same place.

Watching how time passes – one more week, one more month, one more year…

Now, I know this is not working for you. Not anymore.
I know you can feel the wave of change rising inside
I know you’re feeling it too.
The time has time.
Your time has come.

And the time to unleash the magic within and make lots of money doing what you love is NOW.

So here’s your next step, if you’re ready to let go of your excuses and move forward.
Ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. What are the biggest excuses I tell myself about not being yet where I want to be?
2. What are the rules you feel you should follow right now around how you should show up in order to be enough?

Hit reply and let me know what’s the biggest thing that comes up?


PS Cristina, I am so beyond excited to let you know about my new program –
Magic Unleashed!

This is an intensive 4-week 1:1 mentorship program to unleash the magic in you and make money, LOTS of it, by doing your soul work and being YOU.

I’ve never offered anything like this and I know it will be an absolute game changer!

This is for visionary women ready to own their magic, their power and their gifts and unapologetically fulfill their life mission and world changing work.

We’ll be looking at:
>> your message – helping you get crystal clear on it, own it and become magnetizing
>> the ways you’re sabotaging yourself, playing it small – dissolving the old patterns and coding your mind and energy for ease, faith and wealth
>> your BIG dream and vision – you’ll get totally clear and connect with a world shaking motivation and power
>> your goals ( money, business, life) and how to set them in a way that makes them inevitable
>> How to define and sell your key offer – with confidence and soul
>> creating from the flow – you’ll discover how you ca step into the flow on cue and create your magic, money and impact from there
>> how exactly you can start attracting soul mate clients right NOW
>> you mastering the money flow

How this works:
>> we’ll have a 1:1 in depth session each week – for 4 weeks
>> you’ll have unlimited access to private coaching with me in between the sessions
>> you’ll receive weekly trainings with exercises meant to strengthen your magic and wealth muscles ( in addition to the inner work I give you during our 1:1 calls)
>> you’ll receive everything you need to unleash the magic within, so you BE who you need to be in order to create all you see inside
>> you’ll also receive a behind the scenes overview of my strategies, how to automate money, grow your brand and get it all working

How you get on it:
Apply here for a complimentary session
or PM me for the details

PPS This is the most accessible way to work with me at the highest level.
And as I am investing in my own business, growing acceleratedly, my prices will be continuing to grow too.

The program is for 5 women.
And we start on October 31st.

Feeling called?
Click here to apply for a complimentary call.
Or PM me directly for the details.

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