Maybe the biggest challenge I see people dealing with is the business income consistency.

‘Money just doesn’t come consistently!’

Sound familiar?
You might be bringing in a good income one month, just to drag yourself through the drought of Sahara over the next couple of weeks.

Because… this is how it’s always been. Mostly.

So here’s something that you might have been suspecting for a while, but had no idea how and from where to grab:

The idea that money isn’t flowing in consistently
is true only if YOU believe it to be true.

money is just energy.
and it responds to YOUR energy.

If you have any stories telling you that 
money is hard to get
money comes with a lot of hard work
money comes hard and goes away fast
consistent money flow is not possible for THIS current version of you
you need to become someone else, someone better to have a more consistent money flow 
etc, etc etc…

Then that’s what you’re being reflected back by your reality.

Money always responds to the energy of your stories.
Money always responds to your energy.
And money shows up every time you show up.

So, the most important thing for you to remember:
It is YOUR JOB to become and stay an energetic match 
for the money consistency you desire.

How you do that?
Discover and clear any stories and limiting beliefs not serving you anymore
any ideas saying money is not going to come the way you want
and choose to embrace and feel into new truths.


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