‘I have no idea how I’m going to reach my income goals this month!’
Is this something you find yourself thinking?
If you’re like 99% of the people reaching out to me, you’ll probably continue saying…

‘I’m doing everything:
journaling, meditating, writing my posts, sharing my message, visualizing…..
And yet, the results are not showing up at the level I want….’

Sound familiar?

If yes, here’s the first thing I always ask:

What’s the energy you’re putting in when you take all these actions?
Do you act from a place of trying to make things happen?
Are you constantly tracking your results, while counting the days left from the month and freaking out that time’s passing?

When you do that, you show up from a place of fear and contraction.
And all the right actions have little power to bring results if they come from the wrong energy.

So here’s one simple process to release your income goals fear and get back in to your flow.

1. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions
Recognize all the chaotic thoughts and failure projections
as your resistance to wealth and success.

Witness the thoughts, as an observer,
and remember they are blocking you from your true connection with the Universe.
Your true connection with your Power.

Use this simple mantra as a prayer ‘I am the Source of my power. I choose faith over fear’
Use it, until you feel the negative charge dissolving and your energy getting lighter.

2. Recalibrate your energy through journaling
Write down what you commit to creating.
Write down who you are becoming.
And write down how you choose to feel.

Feel into the reality you’re creating and allow yourself to tap into the knowing that all that is yours. It’s always been.

3. Cultivate the power of your joy
This is the opposite of you chained to your computer, grinding till late at night.

The more joyful you are,
the more light you shine around you,
the more power you have to express yourself
the more powerful and magnetic the energy you put out is. Decide to cultivate joy in your life and business. Every.Single.Day.
Write down some of the best ways to bring more joy.
And commit to them.

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