There is one thing I know for sure: 
You are here to grow, expand, touch this world
and live a life full of love, purpose and abundance.

But many times, most of the times,
even if you know all this deep inside,
you forget it, you dismiss it, 
and end up with the struggle.

Now, here’s something that, if you fully remember, has the potential to shift your life experience – instantly:

When belief in your own magical powers growths,
your magical powers grow.

Remember all those moments when you felt defeated, helpless and lost around your results?

What was the narrative you were using?
This is just not working.
I’m blocking myself
What’s wrong with me?
I just feel so much resistance
I just can’t get over my fears…
I’m stuck…

Can you feel your energy contracting at the very sight of these words?
You are experiencing their frequency and vibration – so your energy shrinks.

What’s the opposite of that?
Invoking the energy of increase.
Turning the tide by tuning into the frequency of growth.

Trust is a choice. And so is growth.
Choose to feel increasingly abundant
Choose to feel increasing ease.
Choose to feel increasing certainty of getting closer to your goals.
And then? Then you’ll find out that you’re always right.

I’m now starting to experience more ease.
I’m becoming more connected to my inspiration.
I’m allowing myself more ease , creativity and fun.
I’m having so much fun.
It’s starting to work better and better.
It’s working!
It’s shifting now!
I’m so lucky!
It’s so much easier now!
I’m so much more trusting and connected.

This is not about faking it till you’re making it.
It’s about reminding yourself that thinking as all the others around you is easy and useless
It’s about choosing the energy of increase in spite of appearances
It’s about choosing to feel, know and live the energy of growth.
Until it becomes part of who you are.

And then?
Then your presence becomes magnetic.
And people unconsciously get attracted to you, 
because people always get attracted to the energy of growth.

You start helping people shift just by or especially by showing up and sharing your truth.
You are sharing with your audience exactly what they need to get for their highest  growth.
You get paid for sharing your energy, message and vibration.
You get paid for doing you and following your soul work.

And that’s the whole point of this journey.

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