The more you grow, the more judged you’ll be. It’s not a risk. It’s a fact.

There will be people who fall in and out of love with you.
There will be people disappointed that you couldn’t do the work for them.
There will be people judging you for who you are, what you say and what you get to have.

There will be people trespassing boundaries in their rush to quantum leap now.

And there will be people challenging you,
in their need for attention
Trying to prove themselves to themselves.

None of these matters.
Because you are not here for these people.
You are not here to be adored, liked or approved.

You are here to help people remember.
You are here to light soul fires.
You are here for your tribe.

You are here for those who feel your soul.
You are here for those who need your truths.
You are here for those who need old truths embodied by YOU

You are here to share your message
not because it’s original, unheard of or completely new,
But because your people can only get it when it’s shared by you.

You are here to share your energy.
In your most unique beautiful way.
The only way your people need to feel lit up
in their journey right now.

So remember that.
And decide to be bold.
Decide to be true.
Decide to show up.

Show up consistently.
Show up from your soul.

And slowly but surely, turn inside,
drop the hoping and embrace the knowing
drop the hustle and choose the flow.

Stay still and know that you are your SOURCE.
And you are blessed in every way – with love, health, wealth, and money
And people, conditions and events start working for you Now.

It’s all starting to work out for you. It’s all starting to work out for you now.

You have the power to decide it. Right Now.

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