Recently, someone asked me for a journal prompt.
To help shift their fear to raise their prices.

It dawned on me:
There is ONE big block that keeps people playing small
and stuck in growth layers they should have long outgrown

This block roots in their confidence. And more precisely
the fear of failing clients expectations and prove themselves not good enough.

Something I suffered from too
before realizing how paralyzing it was
to give away my power and expect from other people
to constantly give it back to me.

I had to shift – that was obvious.
But I had no idea how to convince myself I was good enough
and drop the perfectionist Virgo fears.

Journaling, meditation, affirmations, tapping…
nothing was quite adding up to dissolve my limitations
while I was digging myself into taking more clients than I could hold
charging no-brainer prices. And feeling undervalued and overwhelmed.

Nothing really worked, until 2 mindset shifts happened – one of the other.

One was an essential shift that allowed me to finally stand behind the value of my work – especially as a spiritual entrepreneur.

And the other realization was around what a healthy boundary is
when it comes to taking responsibility for your clients results.

Making these two shifts changed EVERYTHING for me

allowing me to boost my confidence, raise my prices
and float into new levels of ease, money and impact.

I felt called to share these two shifts.
The result: a mini training that has the power to help you
boost your sense of self-worth and your rates – with ease.

Watch it now.

You can watch this training directly on Youtube

if you are done with the struggle, fighting
and ‘earning’ your wins the hard way
If you are ready to speed up your growth
by reconnecting back to your power

If you are ready to channel your impact, wealth and flow in this year, in this NOW
and call in your soul superpowers,

the Quantum Growth Mastermind might be for you.

This is next level 6-month deep dive work and not for everybody.

But for those for whom it is…
It’s precisely what you’ve always known.
What your soul is longing for. And what you are now ready to access.

Apply here and we’ll take it from there.

The special offer – you pay for 6 months and receive 12 inside the mastermind – ends soon.



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