I used to be late for everything.

I was late to talk.
I was late to read.
I was late to date.
I was late to find the right man.
I was late to become a mom.

I was late to find my purpose.
I was late to turn my purpose 
into an actual paid thing.

I was generally late.
And I used to blame myself for it.
Feeling that something was wrong.

Feeling that I might be wrong.
For not being where I thought, hoped and believed I should be.

Now, looking back, I can tell you this:
I did start to talk and read, and when I did, I stayed the first in my class – till the end.
I did find the right man, and we decided to get marry within one month.
I did get to be a late mom, but I find my child perfect in just about every way.
And I did get to be paid for my soul work, and when it started, I’ve doubled my business every year since then.

My story is not saying you can’t have instant success.
You can, if that’s what you bring your energy behind.
My story is meant to tell you

1. it’s never too late. 
Because you are always on the path.
You are always growing, everything adds up.
And everything can change magically in one moment.

2. things grow slowly until you DECIDE otherwise.
And this is probably one fundamental understanding
once you wrap your mind around it.

Change does not come from hoping, wishing, wanting.
All these are low vibrations of lack.

Change comes from you drawing a line – in your mind, energy and emotions
And deciding with every cell in your body, that things get to change – as of now.
Knowing the change has already started.
And being available for nothing less than what you want.

So, a few days away from the end of this decade,
I am reminding you this:

1. Stop thinking it doesn’t work for you
2. Stop thinking you’re doing it the wrong way
3. Stop making it mean anything about what’s possible for you next

Instead, own this energy and mindset truth:

Know that locking in the energy of your next level is a process.
You can have a sudden intense moment of deciding – that’s true
But most of the times, it’s about deciding it again and again
Until you hold the faith longer than the doubt.
Until the shift becomes your new normal.

Once the energy is aligned, the reality cannot but follow.
And everything gets rewritten, just like magic.
A higher normal reality, for the higher level you.

The business, money, impact, life you see in your heart?
It’s all available to you. And it’s all the creation of your inner game.

And this game is exactly what you learn to play and master
inside my high-level coaching programs.

Your impact, your freedom, your success
– it starts on the inside first. 

Here are what some of my clients had to say about the work we did together.

‘I attracted my first 5-figure client in the first month with Cristina. And I signed a second 5-figure client in the second month. After 5 months together, I made close to 6-figures.’ Serena Hicks

‘I made close to 6-figures.I made more in 6 weeks of working with Cristina than in the previous 6 months. I now wake up feeling excited about my business. I feel like I’m in a different world…’ Patti Good

‘In the first month I tripled my monthly average income. And every following month has been a personal best. Now we are on November 1st and based on the sales so far, this month will be a personal best too.’ Tiffany Skidmore

‘I have cracked my income this month and made more than my usual, after having worked with Cristina for less than one week!’ – Shannon Walbran

‘So worth investing in! It’s completely changed my mindset and approach to money. Can’t recommend highly enough!’ Lindsay Murphy

‘My Income shot through the roof. I booked more clients in the first 3 weeks with Cristina than in the entire past year. This investment changed my life.’ – Karinda Kinsler

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