There’s something I can’t shut up about anymore: a common misbelief that helps so many people gloriously fail when it comes to money manifestation:

The myth of expecting and focusing on what you want when you’re manifesting it.

Remember all those times you followed this?
Maybe you visualized your outcome daily,
maybe you spent hours creating dream boards. 
maybe you wrote down your desires as if they were done…

Now, be honest: how many times did that work for you? 

Now, let’s think the other way around:
Have you noticed how the very thing you were trying to manifest for days, weeks or months
miraculously appeared just when you had stopped thinking about it?
perhaps you even forgot about it all together
perhaps you even stopped wanting it…
and that’s exactly when it showed up.

THIS is not an anomaly. And is not a coincidence.

In fact, the more you’re focusing on your goal during your manifestation, 
the more you keep it out of reach 
exactly because of your constant attention to it.

Why? Because when you’re thinking about something you really want….
you really really want it.

And want is another word for lack.
The more you want something, the more you’re attracting the lack of it.
And since constantly thinking about your goal means you are continuously wanting it.
You are ‘freezing’ things up, 
keeping your manifestation stuck
in a state of constant waiting, wanting, anticipation and lack.

What’s the opposite of that?
You letting go of the wanting.
Stop asking, as if you”re weak.
Stop hoping for it.
And decide it instead.

Decide it’s done.
Surrender the result to the Universe.
And focus on your single responsibility of taking inspired action.

Sounds easy?
Here’s the truth: it is simple, but it’s not easy.

There’s a BIG energy and inner game difference 
between focusing on your goal and letting go of it with full faith
between wanting it and deciding it.

The later requires a calm, uncluttered mind and surrender.

Some of the EXACT secrets I’m sharing during my coaching programs.

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