I know you’ve been going with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

And I also know you’ve been wondering
how on earth do you speed
this whole thing up?

Because you look around
and you’re pretty damn sure
you should have been so much further
so much more far ahead.

So here’s one question for you:
When you go up into your next level vision – who do you honestly see?

A woman ( you! 🙂 who stopped ever failing
or a woman who knows how to fail
and move fast to the next success?

What if you could decide right into this now
that you are starting to show up no matter what
even when you feel like hiding?

and most importantly,
what if you could decide that any flop means nothing
when it comes to who you are
and what you are meant to be, do and have?

Make this commitment, and watch everything change.

Knowing that
you can stop getting hung up on how one program,
piece of content or how one offer does

you can stop getting hung up on whether
people happen to like your stuff today, now, this minute

you can choose to make flops mean nothing about where you are going
and you can stop showing up based on how you feel right now.

Instead? You give yourself permission
to trust more in your vision than in your circumstances
to start showing up from the next level energy and faith
to start voicing your truth – with less filters, with less doubt
to feel bolder, braver, increasingly magnetic
to become more unapologetic
around who you are, and what you do.

This is your time.

Allow things to get easy.
Allow it all feel more fun.
Make space for your deeper message.
Start trusting your heart more.
Allow your desires to guide you.
Trust your gut to show you the way.

Know you are on your path.
Know you are moving forward.
Know you are being supported.
Know you are never alone.

And, above all, know you are going to make it.
No matter what.

The results?

‘My Income shot through the roof. I booked more clients in the first 3 weeks with Cristina than in the entire past year. This work changed my life.’ Karinda Kinsler

‘I made more in 6 weeks of working with Cristina than in the previous 6 months. I now wake up feeling excited about my business. I feel like I’m in a different world…’ Patti Good

‘In the first 2 weeks with Cristina, I felt a lot more confidence, I raised my prices.
And sold 7 spots in my mastermind. In the past launch I had 2 people only.’ Emily Schickli

‘After my first session with Cristina, I had my BEST month. And this week was my BEST week ever. I made in one week what I used to make in one month before.’ – Anne Louise Harbutt

This work is for you if
you are done with the hiding, playing it small,
and boring yourself to death with excuses.

This is for you if
you KNOW at your core you are ready for your (multiple) 5-figure months
you’ve been wanting to work with me
and feel in your body that the time is NOW.

My private coaching is where I hold space for every massive, wild dream.

And, of course, the women in there
get to expand their coaching services,
digital content
their businesses and lives
as I am their mentor and I make all the things really e a s y.

This is truly a space of magic.

Know it’s time?
Get the details and apply here >>


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