Today, unlike the normal, I woke up at 12 pm.

And before getting fully dressed up,
I had multiple four figures flowing in.

When back into my groove,
I did not frantically jump directly into work
as I would have done not long time ago
guilty for the ‘lost’ time.

Instead, I asked our housekeeper for a tea
and started journaling my soul out.

Because that was the next step
I felt to be right for me,
and I learnt to follow my inner flow
above any logic.

This is not to say that we just get to sleep or journal
and money magically comes in
(even though sometimes it surely looks like that)

This is to say that
when we have a business built
on a solid foundation
and expanded based on healthy habits


Make these energy shifts

1. We let go of the hard hustle.
We start operating based on flow
and focus on fulfilling our needs and desires first.

We get to nurture our energy
we work based on inner guidance
and we get supported.

So we play in our zone of genius
and do what makes us feel more alive.

Collapsing time around growth,
as a byproduct of the above.

2. We have our inspired action ripple out
through time and space
continuing to bring in results
long after the action itself.

We open energetic pathways
and have our soulmate clients guided on these paths
to our world and our work.

Think of them as magic alleys
in the quantum.

3. We fully embody our work,
and have our presence and our story
become the biggest proof for what we preach.

4. Selling becomes an energetic and spiritual practice
that we hardly do, and we mostly be.

And, even when we are doing,
the sharing, the inviting solely happen
for the sake of the work,
ordered by our soul.

And so, the results,
completely unhooked from the need,
are showing up.
Constantly. Out of nowhere. On repeat.

This frequency and practice
of energetic and spiritual selling
is what we learn to master in

The Sacred Selling & Money

 This is a journey that changes everything.

And, if you need some vibrational fine tuning
before diving deeper,
we’ve created this for you:

The FREE Money Making Meditation Series.


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