We do this – as humans.
as soon as someone shows us a result
we want too

we immediately trust their way
over our own inner guidance and preferences.

it’s so much easier for the human
to trust visible evidence
over an abstract, invisible path
the soul is pushing us toward.

So we often squeeze ourselves
into other peoples’ molds
trying to fit in.

Just to find out
🤔 we probably don’t quite fit in
🫣 even if we do – it is highly uncomfortable
🫢 staying in that discomfort
is simply unreasonable. and unsustainable
on the long run.

The Money Growth Way
That Will Make You Happy

There are 3 main ways
I see people growing their business.

Only one of them will
make you happy. 

Game plan A: you take all the courses,
you learn all the recipes

And decide for yourself
a mix you think that should work

But deep down, it feels hard,
maybe even icky.
and totally not who you are.

your action is inconsistent
with the ups and downs of your inner resistance.

Your business growth is inconsistent too.


Game plan B: you put other peoples’ rules
for growth on a pedestal.

You find out you don’t have what it takes
to follow all the said rules.

You come up with a compromise
game plan – built on dealing with
your perceived limitations.

 Eg I don’t go live daily, I go live 2 times/week,
because I think I can do that.

you play small, in the frequnecy of compromise

trying to adapt someone’s recipe to who you are.

 The results reflect that.

Game plan C:
you do the things you want to do
in the way you want to do them.

And find out… that’s the only way
It was ever going to work for you.

 Easefulness, fun, unleashed creativity.
quantum results.

 It all follows your courage
to choose who you are and your preferences.

 The truth is
there is a way that lights you up
and feels easy to hold
and natural and fun
and brings in results 

 And that is the way
you might not even be dreaming of right now
because it’s so easy, so obvious,

 sooo… how can it be that simple??

It gets to be so simple.
It gets to be so you.
It gets to be so abundant
like you never dared to dream before.

Because only our addiction to struggle
made us believe this can’t be the way.


I want you to discover 
this easefulness for yourself.
and have a happy, magic money business
built around your life, beingness
and inner genius.

 And then bring that to the world
and let it ripple out.


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