rituals for wealth

The magic you desire is meant for you.

You have big desires and you know
you are meant to have a BIG life.

And for the first time ever you feel ready to go after
all of it: the money, the impact, the illogical growth,
but also the life of play, freedom, joy, and limitless possibility…

You are ready to become the You
that can actually make all this happen.

What would your metamorphosis look like if you said YES to your magic?

 What would it feel like to have a community of support holding you throughout the journey?

 And a step by step monthly guide  to walk you home.

 The invitation is here. Welcome to the Magic Experience.


a sacred space where you shift, upgrade
and become the limitless
magical Self.

This is the sacred journey
that gives you
The Magical YOU.

The you who creates ripples of expansion,
abundance, and miracles
over whatever you touch. 

You with unshakable trust.
You solidly grounded within yourself.
You deeply connected to Soul and the Universe.
You creative, fun and pumped up with life.
You naturally pulling growth ideas out of thin air.
You reset, across your whole being, to your Highest Expression
You a match for miracles, play, ease and insane results.
You relaxed into your power and magnetism.
You… matching limitlessness.


This journey is for you….

if you find it hard to keep yourself in the energy of possibility and growth
if you are done with progress that comes through hard work and sacrifice only
if you find it hard to stay focused on expansion every time you come up against a bump
if you are done with hitting against the same glass ceiling – wondering what you miss
if you are already doing great, but can’t imagine how to grow from here,
as working even more is out of question
if you are an high-achiever who’s putting too much pressure on yourself to grow
(faster, better, more efficiently)

AND now… 

you want that magical sense of being deeply connected
to yourself and the Universe.

you desire to feel like you are always on the right path,
and carried through by invisible forces

you desire to walk through your days with inspiration, excitement,
and clarity in everything you do

you want to feel clear around who you are and centered in your truth
you want to be able to trust yourself
and feel a strong essence of personal power within.

you want to feel able and safe to express the highest version of yourself

you are ready to let go of second-guessing
and doubting yourself and a fear-based living

you want to walk with Soul certainty
around what you are meant to do next and how to create your desires


explode your income beyond logic while releasing (generational) sabotage patterns
clear distortions and tune into clear, potent, fast-manifesting Possibility
step into unwavering focus, conviction and clarity

ignite your personal power and become so certain inside yourself
that your client, money, opportunities
naturally flow into your world

grow, and make illogical progress
that actually feels… like you.
how it was always meant to be like.

step into a life where you see, feel, experience ease and grace, and magic.
and watch miracles manifest with each step forward.

This journey will take you out of your mind
and into your magic.

The Magic Experience is a Soul space that teaches you, guides you,
and supports you on your journey of your true BECOMING.
Limitless. Magical. With illogical results. And a BIG life.


Inside the Magic Experience, each month you get 

1 expansion training of the month
1 Q&A where you get direct, live support
1 Meditation Activation to support your expansion

a journal workbook – to help you crystalize clarity and connect with your Possibilities and magic

20% discount on all the masterclass, courses and bundles
– exclusively for the Magic members
LIVE support community


VAULT ACCESS (worth $2,888k+)

Activated Abundance Mega -Course
– 12 modules of secrets, practices and tools to activate your abundance codes ($1,111 value)

Coded for Expansion
a 30-day immersive frequency work
to strip away old sabotage
and spiral up your business.
Higher. Easier. Faster.
Than ever.
(value $1,777)


You can dive in right away.



1. Your Magic Expansion Training of the Month:

Every month you receive a live training on topics like:

How to tune back into trust
How to focus on Possibility and hold the frequency of illogical results
How to bounce back into Clarity, Conviction and Power
How to expand your identity to BE the you who gets what you want
How to reframe your subconscious with beliefs about money, identity, sales, and growth.
How to elevate your inner Self’: self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Creating and breaking habits (and how to make those changes permanent).
Crystalize your next level vision and for your business, relationships, relationship with self, life.
Creating an expansion plan (for business and life) you can work toward right away.
Dealing with fear, releasing anxiety, and processing emotions.
Cultivating happiness, gratitude, inner peace, and a positive mindset.

And so much more!

Each month you’ll receive a deep dive into topics like this.
The content is broken down into pieces that are easy to take in,and easy to take action on right away.

You can work through the content at your own pace, and the best part is
that you can go through the content the way that feels best to you – video training, or audio.

2. Your Monthly Q&A Calls

Every month you have the possibility to ask all your questions and get direct personalized coaching.
The calls are live, recorded. And you get value from the answers you get AND from the answers everyone else gets.

3. Your Monthly Meditation To Rewire & Activate From Within:

Every month you have a Meditation to dive into. These meditations are designed to support the theme of the month. They are one of the most powerful metamorphosis and manifestation tools! You’ll have your subconscious automatically upgraded, while you just listen.

4. Your Monthly Journaling Workbook

This journaling workbook is designed to deeply imprint and integrate the new higher identity
you are calling into your life as it relates to the topic of the month.
Each month, you get a new workbook each month. And the journal prompts you receive
are sacred activations that rewire your subconscious for limitlessness, Possibility and magic..

5. Your Magic Experience Exclusive Discount

As a member of the Magic Experience, you get the opportunity to purchase any digital courses, bundles or masterclasses at a discount! Your coupon code is available to you once you join the Magic Experience.
You can use it on any course you’d feel called towards!

Step into your truest, highest, Magical Self.
Tune into your highest spiritual connection,
Own the deepest Soul certainty and trust.
Build an all pervasive sense of self-confidence and self-love,

Join a supportive community of people who get you and have your back.
And become a match for illogical results and a limitless life.

Step into your magic. Join the journey today.

Hi, I am Cristina.

Over the past 5 years, my work has supported some of the top coaches and mentors changing the world right now. And inside my courses, each year I teach hundreds of students how to grow their own soul aligned businesses.

Previously, I worked as a corporate communications director in top global banks, managing million-dollar advertising / marketing budgets.

From starting off as a journalist to working in Fortune 500 advertising agencies, and finally creating million dollar communication and sales strategies – I learnt how to communicate and sell powerfully.

And how to create millions, through the power of communication.

I personally scaled my own business past multiple 6-figures. And I now help women entrepreneurs to expand their wealth from a space of ease, alignment to soul and inspiration. 

Long story short: if you desire to grow your business in a way that feels good – welcome to my world.

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