When I decided to upgrade our home
I went for the first online option
that drew my attention,
set up the meeting, loved the house
and took it.

Aligned, guided, fast.

This week we placed the old property
out for renting.

The first interested person appeared,
liked the place, decided it’s for them.
They are taking it.

Aligned, guided, fast.

2 Essential Energy Shifts For Greater Alignment

I was pondering about this today
while driving around, between errands
when it hit me, clearer than ever before

1. We call in the kind of client we embody first.

When I made my choice,
I stepped on a fast moving walkway
that took me to a house they had told me
that did not exist…

But before that – I had to find the courage
to follow my desire and trust.

Years of dabbling and just thinking about it
faded away in a puff
when I fully brought my energy
behind what I truly wanted.

Deciding I deserved it
and being unavailable for anything less than that.

Later – in the mirror story –
the person that showed up for our own offer
made up their mind in less than 12 hours.

A clear direct reflection of the energy
I once broadcasted out myself.

2. When we loosen our grip, our desires come to us.

The last thing I told this client was…
‘I hope you find the best solution for you’

I truly, deeply meant it.
Even if that signified that our option was not the chosen one.

Energetically, I was not attached.
There was no need. Just a desire.

And the magic that happens
when we anchor ourselves in our desire
and let go of the need

is that we open space for the client
to tap into their clarity
around what they want.

When we loosen our grip,
we give them the freedom
to come to us.

Every time it is aligned.


I am taking these reminders into my business work today
Not surprisingly,
a mastermind client just asked for my guidance around a card
that she kept pulling. It said:
‘Loosen your grip. Let God in’

I smiled.


And I am leaving you with these journal prompts:
What kind of client am I now calling in? How can I embody her first?

Where do I know I should loosen my grip, but I’ve been resistant?


Meet yourself at your next level.
And a whole new world opens for you there.


PS Here is my gift to you – my money making meditation series,
for increasing your vibration and overall alignement:


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