Recently, a person from the online coaching world reached out asking for a small amount of money.

She had had a rough time with her health and was offering to deliver a small service for the transferred amount.

I decided to donate. Not because I encourage asking money around. But because it just felt aligned. This time.

So I asked for her Pay Pal link.
She did not have one.
But suggested I can use a cash app.
I said I don’t have a cash app.
She insisted I can make one or borrow it from someone… ?I gave up.

Nevertheless, the whole story was so profoundly relevant
for the general behavior I see around money.

I see people asking the Universe for the wealth their soul desires
and than they get so attached to the way money has to show up
that they miss the chances to receive what they asked for.

The reminder for you?
The moment you ask, visible and invisible forces are working for you.
Your responsibility? Open yourself up to receiving.

By allowing money to come to you the way money chooses to show up for you.
By making it easy for money to flow in.

Feel into this:
Money finds its way to me.
Money reaches me in expected and unexpected ways.
Money is showing up to support me every time I so decide.
I’m opening up to receiving money from expected and unexpected sources.
It’s easy for me to receive money. It’s easy for me to have money.
I’m now opening up to receiving more money than I need.

I deserve to receive money.
And i choose to make it easy for money to make its way to me.

Breathe into this, align with this.
Own your power and responsibilitywhen it comes to your money.
And choose to consciously open up to the flow.

It’s your power. It’s your choice.

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