Yesterday, one of my client calls was focused on a key topic:
How do you choose to thrive when the world around you is spinning?

I think it’s an important question to ponder about.

First, because every challenge comes
also with multiple opportunities and disguised blessings
Secondly, because you can always
CHOOSE your own experience
– even in a challenging context.

During the last recession, my experience was not one of financial distress.
Even if most people’s experience was different.

Money – or access to it – was not my problem.
But because of the recession, I could not find a job as a foreigner in Portugal
– the country I moved to after getting married.

So, with all known corporate doors closed around me,
I had to start my own business.

Not as an act of courage,
but as the only way out of a tight situation.
(I have always been a proud independent woman,
and living on my husband’s income was in fact highly uncomfortable
for my ego and my free-woman-brain…)

As it turns out, the recession gave me a business, regained respect for myself.
But, most importantly, it gave me the unique chance
to move out of my comfort zone
and start doing my soul purpose work.

The same experience that hit so hard millions of other people around the world,
meant a full rebirth – financial rebirth included – for me.

I’m not sharing this to downplay the suffering that a crisis can cause
– that is real and can be tremendously painful for the people in the thick of it…

but to remind you that, if you zoom out, you’ll know:
suffering is not required.
It is a choice.

So how do you shift your experience of THIS moment
so you use it for your own growth,
while contributing MORE and more meaningfully
to the elevation of the world around you?

Exactly as you know and feel called to do in the heart of your heart?


You just CHOOSE how you want this part of the journey to feel like for you.
And, most importantly, you choose who you are showing up like.

Here’s a helpful journal prompt:
If I knew I am safe, protected,
and there is no way for me to get hurt or mess this up in any way,
what would I focus on right now?
how would I choose to feel like?
how would I choose to sow up like?
how would I choose to serve and grow my business?

Allow the answers to pour through you – while you just start writing.
Write them out, until you feel it’s done.
And then go and do, feel and embody all that feels expansive and true..

And, if you know it’s time to get direct, high-level to speed everything up,
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