Some weeks ago we decided to visit the Maldives this spring.

We chose a beach villa with pool on a nice 5-star atoll. And we were looking forward to spending lazy days in our private beach pool next to a sapphire-like sea.

Then, we found out that that particular villa we rented had a pool indeed, but not on the beach. Somewhere in the backyard.

Now obviously, this is still a good problem to have in the big picture of life…

But explain that to a 5-year old crazy about swimming pools AND beach.
She was disappointed.

We tried to upgrade, pay more, and get the beach villa with beach pool.
Damn, I even decided inside, that that beach pool was ours!
I felt it, I aligned with it!
It was the least I could manifest for my kid!

But, surprise: There was no availability.
We were stuck with the crazy beach villa.

For a day, we wallowed in disappointment 
our expectations had not been met 
we had this perfect vision of the perfect vacation in the perfect place
and we had been let down.
not to mention that my manifestation had lamentably failed….

The joy had turned into this deep sigh that just felt very expensive.
(crazy, right? how the mind tricks you into dismissing everything you DO have
when you don’t get exactly what you want – the way you want it..)

After that initial day, we finally made peace with the situation.
We decided we were going.
And we were going to have great fun.
Enjoying the experience, as much as we could.

The days passed and we forgot about the whole thing.
Just looking forward to getting to the beach and basking in the tropical sun.

This morning, one week later, I had one message from the resort waiting in my inbox
A last-minute availability for one of the more expensive villas had happened.

AND they were asking as if we accepted the upgrade. Complimentarily.
AND they were also advising on what villas they were recommending for us to choose
for the best beach and position… 

I smiled.
Of coursed.

I had tried to manifest something even less
but while being in massive attachment to it all.
I felt stuck with something I didn’t want
and wanted something else
having my energy screaming ‘lack’
about the exact thing I was trying to bring in.


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