2 years ago,
I would look at my 6-figure account

and while I felt joy and pride
all I could think of was… 

‘how do I take this thing further?’

I wanted (or so I thought)
the bigger house, the luxury design
the numbers, the clients, the money

of the next levels. and the next and the next.


But while doing all that
I was putting lots of pressure on myself.

This year, 
I look around
at the million dollar house
the beautiful luxury design
and all the numbers

and all I can see is…
my family, my life
who I’ve become,
and who I want to grow into from here.


Money Flows In When…

I am scrolling past the ‘hot’ seasonal messaging

 ‘add cash to your bottom line before Christmas
‘unlock the magic sales flow now’
‘make money in December’

This year…
it just lands differently.

 mindset work is not enough.

being strong and ‘not needing’ to deal with generational trauma is not enough.

 pushing through and showing up for the ‘occasion’ – is not enough.

(not when it puts your nervous system and whole being in overdrive)


I now realize (at cellular level, not only thoughts)

what’s better than the numbers, luxury, and wins

 is a calm, healed, strong nervous system.
 growth that is sustainable and  feels good.
 connection to Source, so you always feel held.


 relationships over checked goals.
experiences over…. just more stuff….

 a strong connection to oneself. 
that feels loving. peaceful. ever safe.


the next time you are invited
to skyrocket your sales in the next 5 minutes…

If it feels good – go for it.
but if it feels like added stress…



You are in a competition of 1.
Your growth is outside linearity. and that’s ok.

There’s no mountain peak that heals your power
You meet and heal your power.
And then you climb.
Your style. 

And also…

 Having is not the end game. living.fully.is.



PS I want to leave you with a gift:

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bring on the magnetic you and unleash your true power.

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