I was journaling this morning, about my next level goals.
And as I was writing, I noticed in myself excitement, but also a tad of distrust.

Can I really double my business this year again?
Can I really hit the million dollar business next year?

I was almost buying into the doubts when I gently felt guided to step away from those stories

And this message bubbled up in my mind:

You can reach anything you decide upon
When you own your power.
Give yourself credit for where you are NOW.

What does this have to do with you?
You might be already chasing this year goals, feeling excited
And, at the same time, a bit (ok, quite a bit :)) doubtful

Because you’re focusing so much on your next level, 
that you’re discounting the value of what you’ve already received
discounting the value of your creation so far
discounting YOU.

So take a moment to look around
And notice…
how far you’ve reached
how stronger you’ve grown along the journey
how much you’ve already impacted the world around you
how great it feels to have the goodness you now have in your life 

Take a deep breath in this now
And feel the joy of BEING and having grown into being THIS you.

And, if you feel brave, watch yourself in the mirror and tell yourself:
You’ve already created so much
I’m proud of you.
I celebrate you.
I trust you.

Take a moment to breathe into your heart, 
Feel the gratitude, the love and the faith.
Feel your growing powers.

Those who succeed the fastest, are the ones who can start believing in themselves faster.
And you can start believing more right now by celebrating your current creation
By acknowledging your power.

Want to know the rest of the message I received this morning?
It said…

The difference between 6-figures, multiple 6-figures and multiple millions is not more hard work.
It’s your belief.

Love you,

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