It’s time to remember something radically important for your power and wealth:

The way you feel about yourself
drives your entire reality.

The way you talk to yourself, judge yourself
the way you choose to love or not love yourself
in your inner moments,
when it’s just you and your heart

define your energy
your attraction point,
and your results.

not feeling good enough
at the deep levels of your being
will make you waste your time
to prove yourself to the world. And spending your energy trying to prove yourself and your value
brings your energy into weak, needy vibes.
Vibes of lack and pushing, that repel what you want.

So remember this:
You are good enough because you ARE
You can now release the need to prove yourself to others.
You can now choose to trust yourself and your heart desires.
It’s safe for you to show up as the whole of you
AND believe that’s enough
– for your desires, for your dreams, for the mission you are here to fulfill.

It’s safe for you to focus on what fires up your mind and heart.
It’s safe for you to dream, follow your inspiration and trust.
It’s safe for you to lean into your creativity, guidance and allow magic to lead the way.
It’s safe for you to go after what you want, knowing that NOW is your time.

It’s safe for you to feel protected, guided and divinely inspired.
And it’s safe AND enough to be you and get what you want
OR something even better.

So do this with me:
Place your hand on your heart and ask yourself:

If my higher self could speak to me right now, it would remind me that I am……..

Write down what comes up. Write it until it’s done.


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