There is something
that’s been coming up
in my field and conversations
over the past days:

the quality of the energy
we are creating from.

Most people simply define it
as being or not high vibe.

But there is a deeper layer
to that awareness
I know you can now use:

We either create from a place
of trying to escape from where we are
(bye 2020, hello 2021!…)

Or we create from a place of
deep gratitude around where we already are
and love for what is to come next.

This second version
holds the power and magic
of our original blueprint.

How Exactly You Accelerate Your Growth

So how can we be in love and gratitude
even when the world around
feels like a bad movie scene
we just want to flee from?

By choosing to remember
what we left ignored.

So, take a deep breath
into your heart

and choose now to see, feel, acknowledge
how far you’ve come
how much you’ve already created
how different you are now than when you started
how many battles you won
how many wins you are not counting.

How much goodness you already have.
How much goodness you are already sharing.

And then, from that space,
choose to honor yourself,
celebrate yourself
and your journey so far.

And start a quest
for all the small or big things
you already have and feel great.

Celebrate life and yourself
And know you are just getting started.

You are here to create greatness.
Move faster by seeing the greatness you already are.

Comment ‘Greatness’ if you are now ready to own your growth so far and move faster.

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