Yesterday evening I was driving towards the airport to pick up my father, who came to visit us.

I had just finalized my last coaching call for the day, and my mind was still spinning around work and business.

I started thinking about my growth plans, and there, in the silence of that moment, it hit me:
I was afraid to expand my business.
I was afraid that I would lose control over it.
I was afraid I would lose control over my life.

This was a resistance I hadn’t been aware of. 
A blind spot that most probably was slowing me down, without me even realizing it.

So, I immediately released that force and shifted the story into a more positive, empowering one, exactly as I teach my clients to do.

Nevertheless, yesterday’s moment reminded me of a finding that has become so much clearer to me over the past months:

People think that the scary side of growing their business is related to…
… not hitting their money goals
… not having enough
… staying blocked

But the truth is that…

You’re much more afraid of actually hitting your goals. 
You’re much more fearful of actually becoming successful.
… creating those consistent $10K+ months
…  getting those millions of followers
…. having that best-selling book
…. having that impact and visibility
… having that power

So here’s one powerful question for you:
When you reach your wildest money goals… what are some of the top negative things that might happen?

Dig deep, go beyond the surface of ‘nothing-it-will-be-just-great!’, and you’ll discover some of your biggest blocks and blind spots.

When you smash those blocks around who you are and what is possible for you.
When you dissolve those fears around how safe/comfortable it is to be rich/successful/visible…
… You INSTANTLY create a space in you to receive at a much bigger level.



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