Today I was staying on the deck of my gym. I was journaling, and as I was floating in that state between realms dreaming and creating……. within one hour …. I watched notifications on my phone showing payments of $3,350 landing into my account.

And as I was watching these money notifications while sipping my coffee and enjoying the sun and sea breeze, it hit me:THIS is being paid for being me. For dreaming.For creating.For sharing my message.

For working hours on end completely absorbed and in the flow.For taking time off.

For magic journeys with soulmate clients.

For feeling energized, turned on and deeply excited at the end of each call.

For living my life and doing my life’s work. And as I was thinking all this, I realized…How far this feeling was from that small little me filled with doubts and fears.

Not so long ago. And this brings me to YOU….Have doubts about your value?Still wondering Who am I to want all this? Step back for a moment and acknowledge the fact that you’re alive.

There was a time before you were alive, and there will be a time when you’re no longer alive. But right now, the life force is flowing through your human body, making your heart beat, your mind think, your heart desire, your intuition tell you where to look. This force that flows through you is the highest frequency there is.It’s the Universe magic seeking expression through you.

It’s you. You are made of this essence. You are a valuable.

You are unique. You are irreplaceable. You are powerful. You are magic. Aaaand…. You can do, have and be whatever and whoever your soul desires. Remember that. Because once you do, creating your world, and your money becomes pure magic. To living your richest life,Cristina PS Is it time for you to fully remember the magic that flows through you?

It is? Here are some of the results my amazing clients have been creating inside the Richest Life Mastermind- getting fully booked with private clients for the past two months, even if this seemed just a dream a few months ago- signing 3 new high-ticket private clients in 4 weeks – creating more ease and flow in their businesses than ever- getting full payments, sometimes even before the agreed dates, like never before- getting full clarity on and starting to own their special powers, flow and magic.-and so much more Do you feel called to step up and own your magic? >> Click here to apply for a complimentary coaching session

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