Here’s a story that I see people struggling with quite often, sabotaging their wealth growth.

It’s the story of debt. 

It’s the story where that debt weights as a burden of guilt, shame and personal unworthiness.

It’s the story that says that money coming in needs to rapidly go into debt payment

And there’s no rest, peace or calm till the debt is not completely extinguished.

Sound familiar?

If so, listen in – you might be making one of the biggest mistakes that are keeping your business small  

and is keeping you in continuous cycles of feast or famine and struggle.

Every now and then, I have this conversation with someone – usually an amazing woman and talented entrepreneur.

She has high income months, clients are coming in, the business is blooming.

She creates success, and things seem to be shifting very rapidly around her.

BUT… when she looks into their finances, there’s not too much left at the end of the month

The income went entirely in the black hole of the old debt

And she starts the new month with growing feelings of frustration and resentment…

In the end, what’s the point of all this if there’s no REAL progress?

What’s the point of making good money if you never get any of it?

The frustration builds up and, inevitably, this leads to the next collapse of motivation, energy, and ultimately income.

And that’s not something I want for you!

So here’s what you need to do differently – the exact steps I’m sharing with my private clients

1. Release the negative energy attached to your debt.

Because as long as you feel any traces of guilt or shame or anxiety around the energy of money, you’ll keep doubting yourself. You’ll keep doubting money.

How you release? 

EFT, forgiving, journaling, meditating, visualization, energy clearing – you choose your tool.

Release the negative emotions AND change the story around your debt.

2. Decide that you can continue paying off debt AND start enjoying your growing income.

Get out of the either/or paradigm – I can either pay debt or just spend the money.

This paradigm is strongly associated – energetically, and mentally – to the scarcity consciousness.

So instead of scarcity and lack, choose to consciously practice abundance.

Decide you can pay off debt AND also pay yourself regularly, so you actually FEEL your growth and increasing wealth.

3. Start focusing more on the income coming in and less on debt

I know this sounds like a no brainer. But when you’re obsessing about your debt, you’re doing exactly the opposite of what helps your growth – you’re staying in fear, scarcity, and negativity.

So, instead of that, CHOOSE to focus your energy 

on the goodness coming in, 

on what you’re creating, 

on what you’re receiving – clients, impact, high vibe experiences, fun, progress.

Acknowledge it, be grateful for it, CELEBRATE it.

Create your momentum and ride the wave of increasing confidence and transformation.

Remember: What you focus on grows.

So choose to focus on alignment, increasing wealth and your growth.



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