This was such a full weekend.

On Friday, I ended the week celebrating my mastermind and private clients for new clients pouring in, filling up their group programs and booking their clarity calls with ease.

Just Friday brought in multiple five figures in sales for my clients combined.
The feeling of joy, excitement and pride!

Then the weekend passed in a blink of an eye.
Did I mention I am not ready yet to bring back our housekeeper/nanny
– that we keep on paying?

So weekends are really just about doing her part
and appreciating her more than ever! ?

But this morning… this morning was a moment of magic.

On Saturday, I reminded Nuno of the best cherries I have ever eaten in my entire life.
They are sold 2.5 hours away from here.
And Nuno categorically refused to drive back and forth 5 hours
no matter how much he loves me, and appreciates those marvelous cherries too.

So, I let go of the idea
– already too overwhelmed with the weekend housekeeping work.

This morning, 48 hours later, magic happened:
Nuno called to gloriously announce that one of our friends,
knowing my obsession for the said cherries,
passed today by his office leaving a box of the precious fruits.
Just because. #ofcourse

Now, some would call this lucky coincidence.
I call it magic.

The same magic that is bringing the sales to my clients.
The same magic that is bringing my clients in.
The same magic that moves success, beauty and good
wherever we find them in this world.

And this magic – as I am writing these lines, the random song chosen by my Spotify
is ‘Magic in the Hamptons’ – coincidence – once again :)))

THIS magic is the power my clients learn how to work with.
On purpose. On repeat.

When we start together, these people enter a bubble of high vibration
that allows them to recalibrate their energy, attraction point,
expectations and the power they start beaming out.

The result?
They grow. At the speed of magic.
Beyond the human mind limitations of space and time.

Because you get back to your deepest truth:
You are never alone. You are never disconnected. You are always powerful.
Visible and invisible forces are always working for you and on your behalf.
Your power is limitless.
And your creation is always precise.
Even when you doubt it.

All is ever required from you?
You recognizing it.
You owning it.
And you using your power for your highest good.
And growth. Now.

if you are done with playing small.
if you are done with the waiting
if you are done with getting prepared
and you are ready to play the higher game

The time is now. The time to commit to your work.
The time to commit to your dreams.


Ready for it?
Let me know in the comments. ?



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