My biggest desire is to brainwash you
for success.

And the most important part
on the way there
is helping you find your way back
to your personal magnetism.
your power.

So here are 5 signs
that you haven’t fully activated
your power (over money) yet:


☘️ 1. You go through life and business
with a tense body and a stretched
nervous system.
like walking inside
your own permanent
pressure cloud.

☘️ 2. You see your gifts,
but don’t feel excited about your uniqueness. You don’t celebrate yourself.

It’s like something is always missing
to feel whole & proud.

☘️ 3. You feel good about yourself
only when you get the likes,
the sales are flowing in
and / or clients acknowledge your gifts.

In the silent moments,
you go back to putting pressure on yourself.


☘️ 4. Every time you do something,
create something, put something out,
you find yourself craving
for validation.

The sign ups, the appreciation, the likes…
something to show you you are doing good. 

☘️ 5. In the high-months,
you feel excitement,
and also fear you’ll not do it ‘again’ soon.

You get in your head easily
and you experience stressful dips.


The crazy part?
we normalize doing all the above
while at the same time crave
more personal power.

we can claim our power
only when we stop living
outside of ourselves.

Seeking others
to fuel us with energy and force.

Activating your power
is the biggest gift
you’ll ever give yourself.

Because once you do it,
everything changes.


In the most humble, but also aware way
you find out that…

the world does gravitate around you.
and responds to you in the most beautiful ways.

From this place of wholeness, and peace…
⭐️ calm and solid become your new normal
⭐️ opportunities, magic m.oney become your new normal

⭐️ people being drawn to you and flowing out from the invisible
⭐️ sales popping up like hot popcorn
become your new normal

⭐️ but, above all, you feeling proud and at peace with yourself
becomes your normal.


THIS is the metamorphosis
you are invited for inside

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