Are you still feeling confused when it comes to setting your prices?

I know many seasoned entrepreneurs are.
Most of the times.
And I get it.

Especially if you are coming from the old school of marketing pharmacy approach
where prices are set based on lifestyle goals and income goals you want to achieve.
Going from there through reverse engineering and setting a price
that you often can’t stand energetically behind.

Because it either feels too small and not motivating enough
or too big, and thus unachievable.
So you freeze, and can’t sell it.

Sound familiar?

Well, this message is NOT about yet another version of that old school strategy.
This message is to share with you something SO much more powerful than that.

You will learn how to set your prices in a soul aligned way.
A way that is always right. For you. And your clients’ growth.
A way that never fails.

I originally shared this spiritual marketing strategy
with my high level clients in the mastermind.
And now I decided to share that part of teaching with you too.

So you get to have a sneak peek into the vibe and the kind of conversations that happen
at this high level of work and transformation.

AND you get access to what I’ve been teaching my private clients for quite a while,
making pricing easy, clear and simple for them
no matter the times, the state of economy or other peoples’ opinions and noise.

My exact energetic pricing strategy – in this short video my team prepared for you.

We also decided to include the part where I explain the most powerful way
go about increasing your prices.
A way that empowers you.
And helps you grow. Fast.

Watch now

You can watch this video also on my Youtube channel >>

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