Sure, you’re doing better than most of the other coaches, healers, mentors around.

But you know you’re really just getting started.

And you also know you’re working way too hard for your money.

While the inconsistency, tiredness and your fears drive you crazy.

You know in your heart you are are capable of SO much more.

You feel, despite trying, you haven’t fully embodied the energy of the leader, guide and uplifter you want to be

And you are SO ready to energetically up-level, allowing expansion in your income, impact and ease.

You’re ready to quantum leap – you’re ready for something epic like 4xing your income over the next few months.

You know you need to uncover your own way of doing things because cookie cutter is not your style (and you already found out it just doesn’t work).

And your soul is telling you to find your mentor to calibrate you’re energy to, someone who helps you go back to your soul, tune back into your higher guidance and discover your own path without going back to what’s comfortable (and keeping you stuck)

I started my business as a young kid mom, in a foreign country,
after losing myself and then discovering myself
in a completely surprising way: as an online entrepreneur.

I had to rewire every cell in me still clinging to the old corporate executive identity, to the life, security
and the world I was leaving behind

And I had to make a decision to own that I had a mission
And I am here for a purpose.

Since then, I brought in all my ambition, stubbornness
and knowing to take myself to the next level.
And then the next.
And the next one.

This took me to six figures,
and then multiple six figures in 4 years.
But, above all, it helped me start fulfilling my soul purpose:

Guiding the growth and holding
the space for unleashing the magic for you.

Full clarity on your vision, your talents and who you are when you step into being your best self (your clear identity, your special gifts, your purpose, your mission), so that you know exactly what your WHY is, your path and the legacy you want to create

Getting full clarity on your roadmap to achieving your goals, so that you can immediately start taking action and building momentum for the change and the rest of your journey

Boosting your business performance and productivity (techniques used by top athletes, and business leaders to turn their ordinary abilities into extraordinary results), so that you can make the most out of your limited time 

Unlocking your master manifester potential with simple, but little-known techniques. So that you step into full alignment with your desire and use the Law of Attraction in the correct way, that works FOR you, not against you!

Healing the identity disparity ( who you are vs who you were educated to be ) that is keeping you play small. So that you give yourself permission to receive what you want, and start to think & feel big, and go even bigger. 

Breaking through your biggest fears bubbling up, self-doubts, and anxieties, so you free yourself from the inner blocks that hold you from creating the business and life you deserve

Clearing the old money stories, family wealth paradigms and limiting beliefs, that have been making you block the free flow of money into your business and life (most of these programs work at a deep subconscious level, driving all your current financial reality nonetheless)

It means that, once you do the work – you get the results….

Increase Your Confidence

Raise Your Prices

Plug the Holes in Your Money Mindset

Create Your Internet Marketing/Social Media Strategy

Create/Launch Your Digital Offers

Sell Your Offers With Confidence And Soul & Make LOTS of Money

Get You Embodying the Magical-Rich-Successful YOU

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Weekly sessions with Cristina

Unlimited access to direct coaching on the private clients channel throughout the program

Lifetime access to all 4 major courses of Cristina (details below)

Access to any offer Cristina releases during time of working together — including VIP days, bundles, and digital courses

money mindset shifts

There’s something we need to agree upfront: your growth is up to you.

I can’t make you do the work.
But here’s is what I can do:
I will show up, hold the space for you, shed light on your bling spots, support you, and share with you everything I know and I’m being guided to for you.
I can and will help you make the best decisions for your business and growth. I will help you embody the empowered, confident, magnetic YOU.
I will help you to see things differently.
I will help you dissolve your limitations, I will show you my strategies and the way I’m growing my own business.
I will share with you everything I’ve been learning by investing close to $100,000K in my own growth.
I can guide you to get clear on your vision and and help you elevate yourself at your next level of energy, magnetism and business
I will share with you what has worked for me and what hasn’t
 so that you can avoid a whole lot of mistakes.
You’ll have direct access to my courses and you’ll be going through them as part of your homework.
THIS accelerates your transformation and helps us get deep and focused during and in between our sessions.
I can’t and will never guarantee you results.
It would be out of integrity not to honor that the work is on you.
But I can share with you the results my clients typically get through this work
– when they commit to it:

Making multiple 5 figures in the first 2 months of business

Making $80K in the first 5 months after launching the business (case study following soon!)

Getting fully booked with private clients month-to-month, even if this seemed just a dream before starting the work

Hitting their income goals for the upcoming 2-3 months just by the sales coming in

Consistently growing their income each month

Getting the highest-paying clients ever while consistently increasing prices

​Getting full clarity on and starting to own their special powers, flow and magic.

Having soulmate clients reaching out an signing up without doing anything different than before ( well, except for the energy)

​Signing 3 new high-ticket private clients in 4 weeks

Signing 2 new clients in a 6-month program, both paying in full – in 2 weeks

Creating their highest income months and higher income weeks

Creating more ease and flow in their businesses than ever

​Getting full payments, sometimes even before the agreed dates, like never before

7-week course to rewire your money mindset & create financial abundance fast and with ease.

Value: $1,888

4-weeks of pure magic for you to align, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

Value: $997

6-week money magic incubator to download, package and sell out your best offer yet.

Value: $1,888

11 days of energy shifting work for you to access higher guidance, abundance and flow now.

Value: $1,111

PLUS Access to anything I release during our months of coaching
– including courses, and bundles.

Private Coaching with Cristina – Options

6-month coaching program

Pay in Full: $20,000
Payment plans available

3-month private program: $14,444
Payment plans available

4-month mastermind

Pay in Full: $5,555
Payment Plans Available.

For a limited time, when you apply, 

you secure the following SPECIAL OFFER:
$1,000 OFF the mastermind
$2,000 OFF the 3-month coaching

$3,000 OFF the 6-month coaching

or if you’d like to have a call

Imagine what your life would be like when you:

Have unlimited support and tailored guidance through any business and mindset roadblock

Start BELIEVING you deserve greater wealth and have unwavering faith that you’re hitting your financial goals without working harder or for longer
Have raised your confidence and your prices to help you double your business and beyond
Go through each sales process in a relaxed way, turning your prospects into high paying clients with the precision of a Swiss watch
Go through each sales process in a relaxed way, turning your prospects into high paying clients with the precision of a Swiss watch

As much as I would like to tell you I have magic superpowers, I’m just human.

So are the women who have experienced these results.

But that’s what makes it even more exciting for you.

Humans – including you
– really can make magic.

And a heck of a lot of money.

or if you’d like to chat first



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