I am ending this year
living in a million dollar house.

Deeply in love with my family.
Deeply in love with my work and my clients.

I have fre edom in my choices, lifestyle and beingness
beyond what I dreamt possible
not so long ago.

And I feel a profound sense of gratitude
for a life built on magic.

And, even so…
many times,
this year included,

I would feel defeated
I would find myself ugly crying on the floor
I would doubt if I am cut out for all this
I would doubt myself profoundly.

These moments used to throw me off for weeks.
Now bouncing back usually takes moments.

Because, meanwhile, I discovered that

1. success does not mean the absence
of human moments of weakness
when we tend to discount everything
and spiral down into self-cancellation

but the art of navigating those waves.

2. There is a simple way to recenter ourselves
and bring ourselves back to our power.

The power to choose what we focus on.
The power to decide what everything means.
The unpleasant things included.

The power to keep moving
in spite of the challenges that may appear to limit us.

the power to zoom out
and understand that whatever the experience in the moment
it is only one dot on the line of our journey.

And… what seems impossible in the short term
becomes very possible in the long term if we persist.

Our true power can be accessed
when we ask ourselves these questions often:

What do I want?
Who is the person I am becoming?
What do I choose to focus on right now?
What is the meaning I choose to give to this very moment?
And now what? How do I move forward from here?

Reset your energy.
Pivot in your state.
Shift your focus.
Choose empowering meaning.


This is your power that sparks
the alchemy of turning the invisible into visible.

This is a power you already possess.


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