It’s time you feel it. Activate it. And use it.

No more cringing through marketing strategies that never work.
No more stressing about where the next client is coming from.
No more feeling pushy or salesy along the way.

No more clients who don’t fill your soul with joy.

Hi, I am Cristina.

And everything I have right now in my life
was once just a dream.

My business was a dream.
My clients were a dream.
My team was a dream.

In the beginning, it was so hard to hold these dreams
because I did not trust myself. So the evidence around me was more powerful than I was.

Years later, tons of lessons later
and an ultimate health challenge later,
my life and business feel like the biggest gift.

I’ve  made it on the other side of the dream
Again and again. 

And I now know the big magic that comes with you knowing how to
hold power
relax into your magnetism
build and project soul certainty
bringing what you want – to you.


you feel powerful, magnetic, creating a big reality,
no matter the external circumstances.
You ARE your Magician. You are your Source.

your visibility goes way beyond the doing, 
and activates the clients watching you from the invisible

you experience a snowball of visibility, new opportunities and money
– no more stressing around how to create it all

you show up with passion and power,
allowing yourself to enjoy every minute
and that frequency snowballs further – 

more power. more wealth. more flow.


And that’s the journey you are invited for inside

a 12-week elevation to step into irresistible energetic power,
gain soul certainty across business and life
and magnetize clients, results, growth
with an energetic force
that becomes undeniable.

Simply said,
you grow in an easier, FASTER and in a much more enjoyable way
than ever before.

you learn how to

1. awaken a permanent state of power in you
2. cast a hypnotic reality of certitude into the collective subconscious around you
3. start operating from the beliefs
and choices of you Authentically Successful Self.


You magnetize the clients, the results, the growth
by simply relaxing into your irresistible energetic power.


how to break the biggest internal barrier to success and true personal power
the secret to tapping into your most potent source of personal power
how to wire an energized state of confidence, mastery and authority
keys to bring forth your Higher Self personal power and make it a permanent state faster
what never to do if you wish to be powerful and influential
simple but essential things you can do to quickly increase your charisma
and magnetize to you the clients you are meant to work with
a simple way to make many problems simply disappear
(bye bye stress, irritation – and frazzled energy)

you becoming a magnet for clients
you feel joy working with

you becoming powerful driving force
for all the miracles and abundance
you’ll create from here on



during this 12-week mastermind,
you activate your personal power
and cast a hypnotic reality of certainty
around you.

You embody power.
You become magnetism.
You start commanding your (business) reality.

You magnetize soulmate clients,
solutions, results, growth
with an energetic force that becomes undeniable.

You also become deeply aware of

who you are and what your genius is
what works for you and the best way to grow – for YOU

how to scale up in a way that feels good, sustainable, and certain in your energy

No more misaligned strategies.
No more stressing about where the next client comes from.
No more heaviness in your chest when waking up in the morning.

You become an irresistible power.
A magnet for the clients and business you are meant to have.

Inside my Mastermind containers
people get results such as…..
Double their income in one month
Start hitting consistent 5-figure months
Create 5-figure weeks and days
Signed their biggest contracts ever
Sold a year’s worth of sales in 24 hours
Sign more clients in 48 hours than in the previous 6 months (this was someone who already had a 6-figure business…)
Create their biggest income months during the lowest months in their business, historically
Got fully booked consistently during the mastermind months, WHILE consistently raising their prices
Started hitting their income goals for the upcoming 3-4 months in advance, in booked sales
Book their first 5-figure clients within the first 3 months of their business
Book $60,000 in sales! In the first 5 months of online business
match their corporate income in 5 months and are able to leave their 9 to 5 job for full freedom to live their passion

These results are illogical. To the human mind.

but yet, they happen.
Because the work we do
happens above the logical mind.

It happens in the subconscious and energetics,
beyond space and time.

This is a 12-week container,
where energy work meets mindset and strategy.


one private call for attunement
(we’ll elevate your energy, identity, the way you feel)

6 X high level masterclasses
12 X hot seat coaching calls 
for personalized coaching
and real time upgrades

 ongoing group support –
where you get unlimited coaching
& answers to
all your questions


We officially start mid January

But you actually start the moment you join,
as you get immediate access to

ALL my programs and courses

you’ll receive
a personalized pre-work
based on where you are at
in your business right now.

So you can start the deep dive
right away, the moment 
you sign up.



Mastermind value: $9,888
Bonus Course value: $1,500

Total value received: $11,388

Investment: a fraction of that.



You can access the program
(everything in the standard access)

AND 3X monthly private coaching sessions (value $4,500)
AND unlimited access to personalized direct coaching – on my private clients channel
– for the full 12 weeks ($3,500)

while still walking with the community too.

Total value: $19,555


The investment
– a fraction of the value received.

Hi, I am Cristina.

Over the past 5 years, my work has supported some of the top coaches and mentors changing the world right now. And inside my courses, each year I teach hundreds of students how to grow their own soul aligned businesses.

Previously, I worked as a corporate communications director in top global banks, managing million-dollar advertising / marketing budgets.

From starting off as a journalist to working in Fortune 500 advertising agencies, and finally creating million dollar communication and sales strategies – I learnt how to communicate and sell powerfully.

And how to create millions, through the power of communication.

I personally scaled my own business past multiple 6-figures. And I now help women entrepreneurs to expand their wealth from a space of ease, alignment to soul and inspiration. 

Long story short: if you desire to grow your business in a way that feels good – welcome to my world.

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