rituals for wealth

There is a way of selling based on 
leaning forward
reaching out
pushing people through their objections
feeling ickiness
and forcing our way through it all
we believe that it is needed.
That is what it takes….

And there is a way of selling based on
speaking directly to our soul tribe

allowing your people come to you
allowing them to sell themselves on your offers
empowering them through the choices they make

All while holding the frequency of exponential
and ease
for yourself and your clients.

This is the way I want to share with you on this journey.
The way of…

a soul immersion into falling in love with selling, turning on your magnetism, 
and tuning into the flow of soul clients and magic money

This is a sacred journey.

A deep immersion into
how to unleash your work
dial up your magnetism 
speak directly too the soul of your clients
empower them through your showing up
and allow sales and money flow to you

not only now and then,
but every.single.day

as a result of your being,
as a result of how people feel in your presence.


This journey together will change everything.

Business strategy – yes, there is also a practical method part
But most importantly – 
personal energetics and mindset – the biggest part of the game.

This is for you….

if you feel guilty or wrong every time you share your offers
if you believe it is hard to find people that pay for your offers
if you struggle with anxiety around launching or pitching your offers
if you think that only special people with special gifts can sell with ease, but you are not one of them

if you desire a way of selling your offers that just feels… made for you


this program will make business and growth so much easier.

Selling is a sacred sharing of your purpose work

and it can be gracious, soul-nourishing, empowering for others and for yourself
once you learn to intentionally practice it in this sacred way.

tactics, funnels or long clarity calls.

In this program, 
we’ll work with your energy, mindset and strategy

so you gain certainty around

how to fully trust yourself
how to always know what to say and how to say it
how to create irresistible offers that always land with your soulmate clients
how to continously expand your magnetism, allowing it t work for you
how to create a solid belief system around business and selling – that you’ll lean on for lifetime
how to allow your soulmate clients sell themselves on your offers, while you are leaning back

how to open up to receiving more and more (and then exclusively) soul aligned clients
how to feel empowered, fired up, passionate and fully trusting around everything you put out
how to stop working hard and let your beingness do the magic
how to sell in a way you love, a way that generates success, but also joy, purpose and pleasure

3 Weeks
5 Modules

You receive lifetime access to everything plus all the future updates

You can dive in right away.

Soul Shifting Workshops Covering, But Not Limited To…


>> find and tune into your true personal power
>> build your inner energy, so you become magnetic
>> intentionally work with the power you hold in your body and field

>> how to boost your alignment by every day routines
>> the precise daily practices
>> how to get into the selling vibe

>> elevate the experience of being in your presence, and see it impacting your relationships and results

>> how you can connect to and bring your passion and magnetizing emotions into your communication, so you allow people feel your soul and get excited about your offer too.

>> How to invite magic in!
>> How to tune into your inner guidance and create from there



>> become visible to empowered soulmate clients who lead themselves to you
>> become an energetic match for easy emotional yeses
>> learn how to allow space for your potential clients so they feel free to make big moves with you
>> activate the power and trust in your soulmate clients – without pressure, without fear

>> the simple rule to always know the right price offer
>> how to let go, surrender, and allow the magic in


>> redefine the beliefs, clarity and certainty around your offers and selling
>> calibrate your expectations to trust
>> learn how to always feel good enough, qualified, worthy, ready
>> powerful techniques to regulate your emotions, so you can always come back to holding unwavering faith
>> learn how to play at a high level of emotional intelligence, service and confidence
>> learn how to intentionally turn selling into a spiritual practice that you get to love
>> allow selling be flowy, fun and spiritual
>> how to rewire your entire belief system around selling so you can now start promoting your offers with ease, fun and from flow
>> release pressure off your potential clients and open a sacred space of empowerment
>> step into unwavering certainty – while watching the synchronicities, results and money transform


>> master the underlying energy that drives your clients purchase decisions (it’s all emotional)

>> how to get aligned and receive the money making ideas from the flow
>> the daily practices to become a money making ideas machine
>> how to show up and create wealth from alignment and inspiration
>> the mindset, motivation and energy of a successful and aligned business owner
>> how to bring passion and love into your offers and sales process so you magnetize soulmate clients
>> what you never have to pay attention to again when it comes to creating, launching and sell

>> steer your offers and message to be always aligned with what you embody and stand for
>> get clear on who exactly you are selling to and how you speak to them into a way that fuels their desire
>> learn to work with the field of potentiality


>> how exactly you create a sequence of receiving
>> know when to share, how to share and then how to lean back and receive

>> the exact frameworks and mindset and energy work I use and how you can apply it, from flow, in your business
>> how to create your promo sequences in a way that works for YOU and makes YOUR sales become inevitable

>> how often you should be launching and selling

>> strategy, checklists, WHAT to do and HOW to do it – pre-sell, emailing, compelling CTAs

>> what to do if it’s not working and how to make it work

>> the exact balance between masculine action-based energy and the feminine energy of trusting and receiving
>> the process that dissolves all the resistance and allows you to LOVE your selling moments
>> how to take only aligned actions that 10x your results
and so much more


Magnetize High Level Sales With Ease In Your DMs

3 hours+ on the exact mindset, energy and strategy to magnetize and sign up 6-figures+ in your DMs

Day 1: The Key Mindset Shifts To Selling with Ease In Your DMs

Day 2: The Messaging For Magnetizing High-Level Clients

Day 3: How Exactly To Manage The DM Conversations



Total bonuses value: $1,777
Total course value: $1,500
Total value you receive: $3,200+
Your investment now:  a fraction of that


lifetime access to 
all the program
AND to all its future updates


You can access the program
AND get a private coaching session (value $1,500)
AND unlimited access to personalized direct coaching – on my private clients channel
– for the full 3 weeks ($1,000)

Total value: $4,300

The investment – a fraction of that.



What level should I be in my business before joining this program? 

This program is created for all spiritual entrepreneurs at any level of business. If you know the masculine, hustling selling is not for you, but you are ready to scale up your business, support more people and make more impact – on your terms –  this program is for you. It teaches you everything you need to know to sell out your offers without any sleazy, icky or pushy sales tactics. So if that’s what you are looking to master next, this program will change everything for you. 

What can I expect from this program? 

Deep clarity on exactly how you align with abundance and allow your selling feel sacred, easy, and deeply rewarding.  Strategy, energy, technical skills, spirituality – all the processes, secrets and tool that help you activate the power in you and your soulmate clients and allow them to flow into your world.


What do you mean by ‘sleazy’ sales tactics? What are you NOT teaching?

I will not be teaching: free sessions, hiding your price, getting on the phone with people who do not have the money, going in circles over money objections, convincing people they don’t want to pay because they are holding themselves back, taking credit card information over the phone, following up with someone non stop, wasting time on calls without being sure someone is the right fit or being pushy in anyway with a potential lead. Why? None of that is required and all of that leads to subpar clients who regret buying. What I will teach is how to find, attract and sign absolute dream clients.


Is there direct access to you in this program?
Yes! In fact, this is probably the only LIVE round of this program I will ever make. So I will be deeply active in the private group for the entire duration of the program – answering all your questions, recording audios (i often can’t help myself :)) All the modules are live – so we’ll have plenty of interaction during the creation of the content itself. And, besides all of the above, we will also have a Q&A/Celebration call at the end. So it is an extremely hands-on experience – guiding you through it all step by step.

 Additionally, if you desire unlimited 1:1 support – you can check the VIP access. 


 How long do I have access to the content?
All the content will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to it all. And all the future updates of the program.

Are there refunds?
Since this is a live program, there are no refunds


Do you guarantee that this membership will improve my business? 

I looove this work. And I fully believe in the principles, processes and ritual in it. The testimonials on this page are from real people who have worked with me in various capacities and who have gotten incredible results. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. But I am extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have a better understanding on how to improve your business results while also growing spiritually.


I am pondering about it, but I still have doubts. Should I sign up?
Your answer lies always in the way you feel beneath the fear/doubt.

If you said yes to this work, would you feel excited about this work
and journey? Then trust that and allow your heart
to lead the way.


Also, consider this: the limited, fearful you will never take you
to your next level.  You re the queen of your life and business. 


It’s time you honor yourself,
and make choices like a queen.


Special launch price ends soon.
And the price doubles.


You can access the program
AND get a private coaching session (value $1,000)
AND unlimited access to personalized direct coaching – on my private clients channel
– for the full 3 weeks ($1,000)