The biggest sales shift
that changed my business forever:

I stopped wanting anything from people.
I learnt to want things FOR people. 

This shift gave me so much personal power,
and freedom and creativity.
and people felt it.

The result?

They started freely choosing for themselves the things I wanted for them. 


Why this sales energy works

When we want something from people,
people feel it. and the instinct is to withdraw.

Because subconsciously they feel
someone tries to take away something from them.
Their personal power is defied.

It happens when
you want that ‘yes’ so badly
you want that person’s commitment
you want them to be all in.

The expectation is felt.
and it creates pressure, both ways.

The opposite energy is wanting good things for people.

Wanting that transformation for them
wanting the ease for them.
wanting the creativity, the money, the fun.
for them.

There’s no expectation.
It’s just you standing in the energy of the magic you know is available.
And beaming that out. For the love of it.

This shift alchemizes everything.


I want you 
to exponentially grow your business,
with no more compromising your freedom, family life or your health.

My clients 
become effortlessly magnetic
to their clients, and money,
and opportunities.

They fall in love with their business and life.
but above all, they fall in love
with who they are.

That ease. that weighless money.
that sense of all surrounding magic… 

I want that for you.

If you know you are ready,
I have opened
two ways to work with me directly:

Success Codex 1:1 calls and Voxer
– weekly calls
– ongoing direct support
– access to all my courses (over 10k value)
– 1 month or 3 months

Private Voxer
– ongoing coaching and mentoring
– access to all courses, bundles and masterclasses
– 2,222/month



Message me here
to explore private coaching options.

Or, if you rather prefer a short 1:1 exploration call – apply here.

If you already know Private Voxer is the option for you – click here to start now.


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