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When I started my business in 2016,

I was told that I had to ‘survey my audience’ before putting any offer out there.
I had to validate my ideas and only then launch them.

I believed it.
And I followed all the proper steps to a t

The proper funnels, the proper email sequences, the proper webinars, etc
Still, despite all my correct efforts, my sales were just trickling in.

And equally exasperating, everything felt like hustle, filled with doubts, fears and overwhelming.

Now, almost 4 years, 
lots of launches and tens of thousands of dollars invested in mentoring

I do things exactly the opposite way.

I just listen within,
I receive my new offers intuitively, as downloads,
I write my sales pages myself
– no more copywriters and planning –

and in one sitting.

I share exactly what comes up
in my heart and awareness every day.

I have very few to no rules
One of the rules is not EVER filter, edit or doubt myself anymore (how liberating!)

I have lots of fun, freedom and alignment
I make in one month more ( MUCH more) money than in one year before.

And I’m wildly obsessed with launching in this new intuitive, aligned way.

Now, here’s what I know

You’re working your tail off
You’re giving it everything.
And then a little bit more

But when it comes to really promoting and selling your offers

You shrink
You feel the pressure
You start doubting and postponing
You get inconsistent
You lose momentum often

And you end up falling short when it comes to your goals.

Now, I’m here to tell you there’s another away.
A way where selling feels easy, exciting and fun
And money, soulmate clients and impact show up inevitably

Magnetized by your decision
Guided to you
Attracted by your energy.

All you need to do?
Stop pushing it, forcing it, trying to make it happen
Stop following marketing recipes that gurus swear by
Stop putting offers that you ‘think’ people might buy

And instead…

Start creating from alignment
Set the intention
Decide on your outcome
Release it to the Universe
Take inspired action from the flow

Share your message and offer from the flow
RECEIVE what you truly want.

Imagine if creating sales, on repeat, was that easy!

Well, here’s the great news: It is!

And it’s the reason why
I’m so excited about this program
where I’m sharing with you exactly how to..

Sell With Confidence And Soul

Sell With Confidence And Soul

21 days of deep dive into
exactly how to create and sell your best money making ideas 
and get paid with ease

3 full weeks of trainings, shifting your sales energy,
mindset and launch process.
an intensive experience that will change your business and life forever.

Now, here’s the deal:

Once they discover my launch and sales process,
my clients rapidly get
from clients just trickling in to fully booked,
in a matter of weeks.

And their high-ticket sales conversations get 
filled with more ease, fun and alignment
than ever before.

That’s just one of the reasons
why I am so excited about this program
– one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever offered.

Here’s what you get when you say ‘yes’ to change:


There are two ways to create money and impact.
The first one is grueling work.
The second one is soul work, living and showing up from a space of alinement, inspiration and flow.
You’ll discover how to access the latter.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to get aligned and receive the money making ideas from the flow
>> the daily practices to become a money making ideas machine
>> how to show up and create wealth from alignment and inspiration
>> the mindset, motivation and energy of a successful and aligned business owner
>> how to bring passion and love into your offers and sales process so you magnetize soulmate clients
>> what you never have to pay attention to again when it comes to creating, launching and sell
>> how to receive inspiration and guidance. And how to show up and create from the Flow
>> how exactly you can start putting your offers out there by BEING you and becoming magnetic



This module is all about how to sell from a space of alignment with confidence and soul

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to sell your programs and convert over 80% of your sales calls – the exact step by step process
>> the exact frameworks and mindset and energy work I use and how you can apply it, from flow, in your business
>> how to create your funnels, emails and promo sequences in a way that works for YOU and makes YOUR sales become inevitable
>> strategy, checklists  WHAT to do and HOW to do it – pre-sell, emailing, compelling CTAs
>> what to do if it’s not working and how to make it work

BUT we cover also the biggest missing ingredient in the great majoriy of the sales processes out there:

>> How to invite magic in!
>> How to tune into your inner guidance and create from there


You’re a walking magnet. And you don’t attract what you say that you want.
You attract what you are being.

In this module you’ll discover:

>> how to boost your alignment by every day routines
>> the precise daily practices
>> how to get into the selling vibe
>> how often you should be launching and selling
>> the simple rule to always know the right price offer
>> how to let go, surrender, and allow the magic in
>> how to take only aligned actions that 10x your results
>> how to rewire your entire belief system around selling so you can now start promoting your offers with ease, fun and from flow
>> how you can connect to and bring your passion and magnetizing emotions into your communication, so you allow people feel your soul and get excited about your offer too.

Listen, you can be doing ALL the right things
But if your energy is not aligned
It will be hard (read impossible) to get what you want
Because people don’t buy your program, features and benefits
People buy your energy.
People buy YOU. 
So isn’t it time you turned inside
And did this all selling thing in the aligned, easy and guided way?
And I guarantee you:
The more you practice it, the better it gets.
The better it gets, the easier it gets.

Does your soul say yes?


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>> A powerful audio training about
how exactly to improve your CTAs
so you turn your message into immediate sales right!


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When you sign up for the course, you also get access to 

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The 8-Part Video Course will help you discover 

1.The missing pieces to understanding the Law of Attraction
2. How to set your money goals in a strong way, so that the Universe starts working for them
3. How to uncover and remove your money blocks
4. How to activate your vibration, so you speed up your manifestation
5. How to build unwavering faith, no matter what’s happening in your life
6. BONUS: Pro Tip Process To Handle Any Doubts


2. VIDEO TRAINING: What EXACTLY Blocks Your Sales And How To Speed Them Up
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