Last Friday brought a life changing moment to me.

I started remembering more
and more clearly who I am.
(in the most spiritual AND practical way – but more on this later)

After staying in that energy, my physical body needed rest.

So I took the day off – think salty baths, sleep, reading…. and then family time.

In between these moments,
2 new clients showed up.
– out of nowhere.
Old tech problems got solved.
Old ads problems got solved.

And it all happened
without me DOING anything
– at least not in the physical sense.

I remembered the ease, I remembered the flow.
I remembered the magic of coincidences
and how natural they feel.

I got excited. I got energized.
I felt highly creative,
I felt highly motivated
I felt filled with potential
just getting started on the path to greatness

And then this realization bubbled up in my awareness:

It’s not the action that takes you to your next level.
It’s your alignment with the next level BEING
and hence your next level action.

In simple words, random doing
– the work you think you need,
or you feel is required from you
will just create more frenzy energy
at the same level you are already being at.

The result? You move, largely, in circles.

So listen,
If you tend to get overwhelmed with work
If you feel like you just can’t get ahead – as there’s SO much to be done,
if you often end up depleted and honestly frustrated with the slow growth….

then it’s time to take a deep breath in and feel into this:

The force moving us forward is the force of conscious energy.
And in order to access it, you need to slow down
stabilize yourself in the present moment,
and turn inward.

Like stopping yourself in your spinning tracks
and looking yourself straight in your eyes.
This is the path to step into your higher self,

start accessing your power from within
and become your own teacher and guru.

Because you have this in you.

So breathe into your heart and feel into this:
It’s safe to let go of the spinning.
It’s safe to let go of the hard work.
It’s safe to do less and receive more

It’s safe to return to conscious being.
It’s safe to focus on the conscious doing.
It’s safe to relax and know it’s enough.

I am enough.
I am deserving.
I am worthy.

What comes up for you?

Let me know in the comments
and I’ll send you a meditation
to help you with the resistance
you might be noticing in yourself.


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