Today I was reminded of how important it is to deal with our past – the emotional and stories baggage…BEFORE starting to create our life, wealth and business on purpose.

I’m a solution focused person, and patience is not one of my strongest points (maybe this sounds familiar? ???) So I obviously trained myself in solution focused coaching just taking forward something I’ve always used in my life. But there’s something I missed in the first year of my business.The same thing I’m seeing lots of my clients being challenged by.

And I bet that, if you’re honest, you might be making this same mistake right now.

Maybe…You’re doing all the right things to rewire your mind for wealth.You’re journaling, you’re writing affirmations.You’re visualizing.And you’re listening to Abraham Hicks on repeat.

You’re taking lots of actions too.You do Facebook, you do FB groups, you do Instagram, You’re even regularly committing to those scary FB lives!

And yet, things never seem to get really easy for you.There’s always struggle, stress, self-doubt, fear and a nagging feeling of not being (still) enough.Even when you are seeing the results, you’re getting the clients and you’re bringing the money in. So, what’s wrong?

First, I want you to know there’s nothing wrong with you!You are already amazing, magic, whole and complete! The problem is that you’re trying to push new beliefs and stories on top of the old ones.

You’re so eager to move forward that you forget to truly let go of the past. And that acts as a weight tied to your (energetic, emotional) body. You can move forward – with efforts and work – but only until you get tired.And then you just feel like sinking, loosing ground. Once again. So, here’s the truth: You need to first make space for the beliefs, business and life you want to create.

You need to get clear on where you felt undeserving, not loved, not valuable enough.You need to get clear on what you feel you deserve and feel it’s possible for you.

You need to release the heavy emotions around all the above.And you need to release all the major – subconsciously rooted – stories that are keeping you stuck. And then…ONLY AFTER you opened the space, you can bring in the new stories, feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions you want to embrace as your new truths.

Be honest, and ask yourself – how free do you feel from the emotional baggage and stories in your past? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=minimum; 10=maximum). ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Share in the comments below. …???

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