Have you been stuck at an income level for ages?
Have you made some strides in your business, but know you are capable of SO much more?
Is your business so much more to you than a job? Is it your calling? Your passion?

Are you ready to create your financial freedom and lifestyle this year?

You’re ambitious, heart-centered and completely obsessed with pursuing your calling. And now it’s your time – to take your life to the next level.

When I started my business….

The first nine months were a rollercoaster of learning how to allow myself to have a successful business.

I was excited, I loved the idea of helping other people improve their lives,

But deep down I felt pretty stuck. Because charging people didn’t feel right.

Just saying the price made me lose my voice. So, even if I had clients, my prices were very low and I used to work 2-3 times more than I would commit for initially. Just to make it feel “fair”.

I was not earning the kind of money I desired, I had self-doubts about charging my worth, I would watch others living the kind of lifestyle I only dream about, and I felt like manifesting my dream life wasn´t working,

I knew I could do better. I was tired. And I needed a change.

So, I decided I was done with my excuses (procrastinating and avoiding to invest in my growth).

I started to invest in mindset work.

I cleared my blocks and re-wired my mind for a new money story.

And I got my first client within 1 week. And hit my first $10K month 2 months later. Before I knew it, I was creating a business overpassing my wildest dreams.

Now, I help other heart-centered and ambitious women entrepreneurs bust through their inner blocks and create their financial freedom and lifestyle.

This program is for you if you are a smart and heart-centered woman and…


  • You are pursuing your passion and calling with absolute commitment and can’t see yourself back in a 9-5
  • You already have clients and make money in your business, but desire to up your game to the next level
  • OR are just setting up your dream biz while still working in your 9-5 and want to play big and succeed fast
  • You have at least 10 hours per week to commit to your mindset work and your business
  • You understand this isn’t about quick fixes but long-term consistency (all of my clients who have committed to being consistent, get CONSISTENT results)
  • You KNOW this transformation is possible for you and you are ready to consistently hit 5-figure months like… NOW!

What do you want to create in the next 60 days?


These are some of the results my clients got within weeks of working together:

  • Getting 3 new clients after 3 weeks of working together
  • Making $11k in 3-weeks after over one year of trickling income
  • Doubling their monthly income after 4 sessions together (this is pretty much a standard result)
  • Hitting their first $27K month
  • Hitting their first 5-figure income day
  • Breaking through the 6-figure year ceiling after almost three years of hustle
  • Hitting 5-figure months consistently, without ever worrying that’s just a fluke
  • Quitting the 9-5 within 5 weeks, after signing up the first four clients
  • Launching the first coaching program 15 months earlier than planned
  • Full clarity on your vision, your talents and who you are when you step into being your best self (your clear identity, your special gifts, your purpose, your mission), so that you know exactly what your WHY is, your path and the legacy you want to create
  • Healing the identity disparity ( who you are vs who you were educated to be ) that is keeping you play small. So that you give yourself permission to receive what you want, and start to think & feel big, and go even bigger. 
  • Getting full clarity on your roadmap to achieving your goals, so that you can immediately start taking action and building momentum for the change and the rest of your journey
  • Breaking through your biggest fears bubbling up, self-doubts, and anxieties, so you free yourself from the inner blocks that hold you from creating the business and life you deserve
  • Clearing the old money stories, family wealth paradigms and limiting beliefs, that have been making you block the free flow of money into your business and life (most of these programs work at a deep subconscious level, driving all your current financial reality nonetheless)
  • Unlocking your master manifester potential with simple, but little-known  techniques. So that you step into full alignment with your desire and use the Law of Attraction in the correct way, that works FOR you, not against you!
  • Boosting your business performance and productivity ( techniques used by top athletes, and business leaders to turn their ordinary abilities into extraordinary results), so that you can make the most out of your limited time

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • 8 weeks of support and access to the proven and and best money mindset reset strategies.
  • 6 private coaching sessions ( a high touch experience personalized to your specific needs and journey) (value of $3,500)
  • 4 Mastermind calls with myself to reset your money mindset and scale your business to new heights.(value of $1,500)
  • Permanent access to me when necessary for guidance on any aspect of implementing the money mindset processes (value of $1,500)
  • Facebook group to connect and collaborate with other women in the community

By the end of the program you will…

  • free yourself from all your major blocks and negative programs, so that you can freely manifest the life you want
  • free yourself from your biggest fears ( we´ll identify them and dismiss their power over you), and self-sabotaging behaviors that are currently keeping you stuck
  • connect yourself with your power by getting clear on WHO you need to grow into so you can create the financial reality you want
  • have a clear roadmap to achieving your freedom (with actionable steps)
  • set up money mindset routines that actually work, so that you maintain yourself in high-vibe and create your business and life from that energy
  • have clear and powerful financial goals that you start achieving consistently
  • feel empowered when you look at your numbers.
  • know what to do to speed up your manifesting and make it work. Always.
  • give yourself permission to earn more – feeling comfortable with earning more than your friends, partner or family
  • know HOW and WHEN to increase your prices and how to stand behind them
  • break through the next level of income and feel more confident in your results ( my clients normally hit 5-figures within the first month of working together)
  • allow yourself to have the financial freedom and lifestyle you want
  • feel more FREE and POWERFUL

The Tap Into Wealth Mastermind is designed with the heart-centered and smart woman in mind.

By now you’ve got the basics covered in your business (this definitely isn’t your first rodeo) and you’re looking for the next level of financial success.

This time, you know that your money is in your mindset. So it’s time to look inward and to create your wealth from there.

PRICE: $3,500

Ready to take your business to the next level?