It’s almost the end of the year.
And I know this is a time of reflection.
Reflection on what you could do better.
And what you now set as goals to create in the new year.

And there’s a very important understanding I want to offer you right now.

There are only 3 reasons why you haven’t reached your income and business goals yet.
And they have nothing to do with your funnels, need of more strategy, or need of more help.

These reasons that have been slowing you down are solely related to what’s happening in the space between your heart and your mind.

And they fall into 3 big directions
1. You don’t really want what you say you want.
It sounds crazy, but if you’re very honest with yourself,
you might realize you’ve been chasing a dream that is not yours.

Action step: check inside and make sure your goals are a reflection of your true soul desires and needs. And let go with love and kindness of the rest.

2. You don’t believe it’s possible for you. Or not now / without long and hard work
Check out  how you’re telling your story.
Inside your mind and in the exterior world.

Your words and thoughts create your reality.
The good part? You can change them when you so decide.

Action step: start paying attention to your thoughts. And commit to reframing the stories, replacing them with more empowering, positive ones.

3. Deep down, you fear that achieving your goals might come with expensive costs
Now, this is not so obvious.
Usually people are convinced they fully want what they want…

But if you’re honest, you might discover there are parts in you that fear that turning your financial goals into reality might bring negative outcomes.

Suggested step: Connect yourself with the vision of living the success, and while holding that vision, ask yourself: What are some of the negative effects of having all this?
Write down everything coming up. You might be surprised.

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