This Sunday, I was seated surrounded by Portuguese vineyards.

I was watching the sun reflections playing over the river water and the green hills around.

And I was enjoying the conversation with one of my oldest and best friends.

It was mostly laughs, when a serious topic made its way in, and I heard myself saying:

You always get what you want.
So if you’re struggling right now
– why would you want that?’

You don’t know why at the moment,  
but it’s a good question to ask yourself:
What does this struggle give me right now?’

Now, here’s what this has to do with you:
You always get what you want – consciously or, mostly, subconsciously.
And the reason for you slowing yourself down at times is starring you right in the face.

And it is usually related to two main facts
1. you don’t really want what you say you want
2. you are not willing to do what it takes to turn your desire into reality

Now, before you jump off the chair and explain why none of these is true in your case,
because you really want the business, the impact and money,
and you really truly work hard and invest a lot in your business and success,
take a deep breath and decide to be fully honest with yourself.

Are you chasing your soul goals or goals that are meant to prove yourself to others?
And if do follow your soul desires, are you going all in?

You see, there are 3 levels of chasing your desires:
>>  wanting:
The energy of this level is about ‘I want it, sure. I’ll take it if it falls into my lap.’
>> choosing:
I choose to grow my business,
I choose to create my income goals,
I choose to impact peoples’ lives in the exact way my soul is called to.
>> committing:
I commit to having a successful business,
I commit to creating my freedom,
I commit to fulfilling my soul purpose.

The wanting level leads to an eternal longing for your dreams, without consistent action.
And it leads to perfectly nothing.

Choosing involves you identifying yourself as the creator of your own life.
It brings power to your actions,
it takes you closer to your desires
but you’re still doubting if it really works
you’re doubting if it works for you,
if you’re really the person to do it.
And the failure feels scary.

Committing on the other hand…
means being willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes,
until you get your desire turned into reality.
There are no excuses,
no buts,
no ifs,
no maybes.
And failure stops being an option.

You can already feel the feelings of getting on the other side and living your next level
You know it’s happening and it’s a matter of time until getting there
You are decided to find the fastest, easiest way to where you’re meant to be.

I commit to growing a successful business and becoming rich.

Feel into these words and check what comes up when you’re saying it.

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