Since I started my business
I hardly recall a couple of months
when I did not pay for a mentor.

several years passed
and well over a pretty decent house
worth of investments went in.

here is what I’ve learnt

The 3 Essential Money Mindset Shifts

1. a mentor is not required.
it’s not a need. it is a desire.

the same as having this business
as opposed to a job.

it’s about playing beyond the field of survival.
and into the field of growth, better, more.

2. placing money in ourselves can feel either like an investment or a gamble.
I chose to feel myself like an investment.

because that meant I believe in myself,
I back myself up energetically
and decide I am worthy of my money
I am worthy of growth.

3. choosing a mentor can be out of desperation or inspiration.

desperation did not work very well for me.
it was the vibe of my first investments.

and the mentors chosen to ‘fix’ me
could not fill in those shoes.
in hindsight, nobody could ever do that for anyone.

desperation has a highly contracted energy
that is closed, blind and impermeable to receiving.

so after two bitter
but elevating kicks in the butt,
I chose the inspiration path.

Next level mindset

I started choosing mentors to calibrate to,
absorbing their energy,
feeling their teachings,
taking in their openness to possibilities
and using that next level energy field to collapse my own time.

In my world,
mentorship will never fix problems
but will help play above them
in a space of potentiality, healing,
self-expression, clarity
and more – of it all.

That’s the field of expansion.
Where we let the magic in.

Breathe into that.
It’s accessible to you
no matter where you are at now.


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