Today I was started by one of my private clients on the topic of having your future ‘read’ by a psychic.

She had declined the offer, but was intrigued.
Is this even something true?
Is this even working?

Here’s my short answer:
The best way to predict your (financial) future
is to decide inside what you are available for
and then create that.

Here’s why:
1. First, no matter the gifts of a medium, 
we all receive inspiration and share it based on our own filters 
And these filters, in this human experience, are very… human.

2. Your future is an always dynamic structure.
Your future exists in the realm of infinite possibilities
And every shift in your energy and vibration, 
comes with immediate shifts in your future construction too.

What this means is that in the span of a year, month, week and even a day,
based on your choices, emotions, vibration and point of attraction
you get to have ahead various futures
and an infinite realm of possibilities.

It’s literally impossible for someone else to ‘predict’ your future.
But it’s totally possible for you to DECIDE it and create it yourself.
And then change your mind, and go for something even better
Again, and again, and again….

But in order to do that, you need not only know, but FEEL your power
The power to project your energy in the future you want
feel it being yours 
becoming a vibrational match to receiving it
releasing the limiting expectations
releasing the limiting emotions
opening yourself to the feeling of that future coming in
expecting it with all your energy and cells,
knowing you’re worthy of it
knowing you deserve it
knowing it’s coming in
vibing with it showing up
feeling it occurring.

Feeling the freedom, peace and ease 
coming with the deep cellular knowing
that EVERYTHING your soul desires
you get.

How would it feel if you could magically step into a state of full freedom, limitlessness, playfulness and ease – just knowing that you always get what you truly decide?


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