Let’s talk about feeling guilty when it comes to having your clients pay premium prices for your services.

If that’s a story you are still holding on to, freaking out about
how hard it is for people to pay you
how much money that is for them
how much people need to sacrifice to pay you that money, etc etc

Guess what will happen…?

You’ll be attracting difficult clients.
You’ll be attracting delayed payments.
You’ll manifest failed payments.
You’ll manifest refunds.

Conclusion: if you are already experiencing any of these,

Change the story!
Change the energy around your prices and the investment itself.

And because I love you and I want to help you speed up your journey to flow, grace and ease….
Here are a few simple story shifts that you can embrace right now:

People love to pay me and it’s of the highest service for them to pay me.
My clients honor me, honor my work and love to pay for their transformation.
Every payment I receive is an energetic exchange that helps my clients show up for themselves at a higher level.
I love to serve and I love to be paid for my work.
I serve, I deserve.

Embrace these new stories and embrace a whole new energy around getting well paid.
It will serve you. And it will serve your clients.


How do you do that?
Here’s how:

If you’re ready to change the story around what you deserve and what is possible for you when it comes to your wealth…
If you’re ready to embrace your self-worth and the worth of your work…
If you’re ready to align with your super powers and allow it to be easy, and graceful and fun….

Apply here for a complimentary coaching call.

It can be the best choice you’ve ever made in your business 
( say all the people I’ve been working with! 🙂

PS Your time is NOW. So stop struggling, and start living.

Here’s where you start >> https://cristinabold.com/complimentary-call

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