A couple of years ago, when I invested all my savings money in the mentor 
meant to save my business and sanity (mindset mistake right off the bat, 
of course)

I was told that
1. Mindset is not selling, business coaching was the sh…
2. I had to have a signature program – a big, complex, worthy of BIG money thing
3. I had to have a proper funnel…
4. I had to build a large audience before selling
5. I could make money only a few times per year, during the big scary launches.
6. I had to master all the above, or I was f…

Here’s what happened:
I unsuccessfully tried 
to fit into the skin of a business coach, 
feeling like a fraud, and dreading 
what I could possibly create
to be remotely interesting.

I threw further money – I did NOT have – into funnels, and ‘proper’ launches.
I cried, I cringed, I made a bit of money – just enough to buy vitamins
and keep myself alive through the overwhelm and burn out.


I failed. I fell flat. I learned. I grew up. And I moved on.

This is NOT to say that funnels, big launches, or big signature programs don’t sell.
This is to say that they are NOT for every one.

 AND there are so many many other ways to have success
on your terms – ways that you enjoy.

Ways that work for YOU.

My clients experience a deep heart-felt relief as soon as we start working together.
Because they understand, at a cellular, that
they can set the rules on fire
they can now adjust their crown
and create their success on their terms.

Alignment means doing what is right for you.
And building a business on alignment is the only real way
to create success 
to create success with ease, 
to create a fulfilling success 
– that matters. 

Feel me? Then let me know below.






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