I was journaling today, when this wave of massive gratitude poured through.

It was like time, race and noise stopped so I could receive this deep humble clarity:

I am having, being and living my dreams
the dreams I couldn’t even admit I had 10 years ago.

I have the beautiful, meaningful relationship
The love of my life is my best friend too
I have the healthy, beautiful and smart child
I have the life in a warm exotic country
I live by my beloved sea and I get to wake up with its roaring every single day

AND, besides all that,
I have the lifestyle that seemed an impossible dream to the corporate version of me
that version stuck in a fancy meaningless glass office, working 12 hours per day…

I wake up and live my days exactly as I choose
I do what I feel obsessed about
I get to contribute to making this world a better place
And, beautifully funny, I get to be crazily well paid for it!

How have I got here?
Not by following marketing plans and strategies, that’s for sure!
I got here by following my heart and inspiration one step at a time
Putting one foot in front of the other each single day
Allowing myself not to know the next 10 steps
AND trusting I’m always guided
(even when I doubted it in my mind)

But, besides all that, I’ve got here by DECIDING
deciding that an average life is not good enough
deciding I am good enough for my dreams
deciding to trust my dreams
deciding to allow my inspiration guide me
deciding I would have the reality I wanted
no matter how long or how much it would take
deciding I could as well have it all now, and not in a far away future
deciding to receive it – quickly, gracefully, easily.

Here’s what I discovered along the way:
There are 3 levels of your receiving power
The first one is wanting – you longing for it, hoping for it.
The second one is choosing – you focusing on it, moving towards it
The third level is DECIDING – you fully committing to it.

Check inside of you the energy of each of these levels.
And ask yourself:
If I were fully honest with myself, what’s my current level of receiving?
when it comes to my business, impact and dreams.

Feeling called to do the inner work,
unleash your power and own the leader you energy,
AND feel this is the time for you to stop wanting and start DECIDING?

Apply for a complimentary call and check how far this work can take you.

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