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The Richest Life Mastermind is a 6-month private + group coaching immersion for visionaries, leaders and uplifters who want to expand their wealth and freedom from the flow and alignment, without the hard hustle.

The Richest Life Mastermind guides and supports you through the 4 key stages that unlock the entrepreneurial success mindset:

Increase your self-worth – and therefore your net worth

Rewire your money mindset to attract wealth and financial freedom

Increase your prices so you can work less (a lot less if you choose), and only with ideal clients

Sell your services with more confidence and ease (I’m talking closing over 80% of your sales conversations)

So what does that really mean?

It means that, once you do the work – you get the results….

✔ You wake up in Egyptian cotton sheets with your confidence through the roof and an inbox of ideal client leads you can’t wait to respond to.

You only work with a handful of clients – clients who pay your ideal rates – and you can pour your energy into helping them experience transformation.

The sales calls are soulful and fun, because you know how to communicate the value of your work and close the deal without feeling like you’re swimming in snake oil. 

It means money, freedom, and ease, allll on your own terms.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

The Truth Is…

If you go through life believing you’ll never make the money you desire, you won’t.
But if you go through life knowing that money is just as available to you as it is to anyone else (billionaires included)….


From the ability to work only a few hours a week (or as many as you choose), to the confidence you have when you check your bank account, to the little tingle of pride you feel when you pick up organic groceries over basic in the middle of the day.

The question is, how do you get there?  

Because right now, making money
feels so hard

It’s as if all the “successful” people got a memo about achieving abundance, while yours got lost in the post. (The carrier pigeon didn’t deliver either.)

Sure, some months are great! But then your self-sabotage crashes the party, whacks you round the face, and you have a financial drought the following month.

Even when money DOES come in… it goes straight back out. Slipping through your fingers like silk, as if you never had it at all.

The thought of raising your prices sends you into a spin, because you think your pool of prospects will turn as dry as the Sahara as soon as you do it.

And even if someone shows interest, you actually have to get on the phone and close the deal? That’s enough to send your confidence packing and give you a sleepless night.

It’s mentally tough, emotionally draining, and physically exhausting.

Bottom Line

You’re working way too hard trying to improve your bottom line. And you and I both know that this is not the path to achieving the wealth, freedom and ease you are longing for.

Your dream life, the one where YOU call the shots, is sitting in a box in the corner of your office wondering when you’re going to actually get to it. 

None of this is your fault.

Look at what you’ve already achieved! You think just “anyone” would have been able to leave the corporate world as a high achiever and start a business doing what they love? Help others, make money doing it, and still make sure that everyone close to them is cared for?


But you did.

That means you’re smart, you’ve got grit, you’ve already prioritized your future happiness, and you have gold in your heart.

I like you already 😉

But I want you to have more than gold in your heart. I want you to have it in your bank account, too.Is…

You’re grateful for the life you have, but you want more.

That’s a sign of ambition, not greed, by the way.

It’s simple.

When you make the money you desire, you can live the life you desire. Not just a rich life, but your richest life.

So when you’re tempted by an impulsive holiday to a sun-soaked tropical island, you can book it. And travel in business class. With champagne.

So when your girlfriend’s in town, you can meet for brunch at 11am and stay for as long as you like.

So when you’re given the wine menu at a restaurant, you can pick your favorite without even looking at the price tag.

So when your kid wanders into your home office and asks if you can play, you can say yes. Zero work guilt. Zero mom guilt.

So you can say yes far more than you say no (unless you’re saying no to clients who aren’t a good fit…

So you can give more to the charitable causes that mean something to you.

So YOU can decide what your life and business look like.

Without compromise.

That’s what your richest life really is. 

A life where you can have it all. On your terms. 

This frustrating plateau you’ve found yourself stuck at has nothing to do with

… how smart,
… or how educated,
… or how driven you are.

And it has everything to do with the stories you’ve come to believe.

I KNOW you understand the importance of working on your mindset, but right now…

You believe that if you raised your rates, no one would buy, and your whole business would shrivel up like a sad, forgotten prune.


You believe it’s wrong to want to earn more than you already do, and that others deserve it because they know more / have more experience / are ‘better’ than you.


You believe that if you did earn more you’d have to work crazy hard for it. And you’re already working 10-12 hours a day!

Whoever told you that you can’t have it all, lied.

The thing about beliefs, particularly when it comes to wealth, freedom, and ‘having it easy,’ is that they’re deep-rooted.

So digging that stuff up is tough!

But you should know, they’re holding you back – big time – from living your richest life.

Here’s the thing: 

Your beliefs can be changed. 

Those stories? Can 100% be rewritten.

Which means the amount of money you make can be multiplied. 

And the beautiful truth is that the more money you make, the easier it gets to make even more.  

That isn’t because you stop doing the work – it’s because you get better at playing the game.

The game which isn’t really about money at all, but about what money can create for you.

The life you can live because of it.

The business you can run because of it.

The freedom you can have because of it.

The legacy you can leave because of it.

Self-sacrifice is not noble.

It might feel normal, but it’s not serving anyone.

So ask yourself, what does a rich life really mean to you?
Not someone else’s version of a rich life, but YOURS.
Close your eyes and visualize it for a minute.
Then open your eyes and keep reading 😉

Did you think of any of these?

Only working three days a week

Only working three days a week

Only working three days a month

Jumping out of bed in the morning excited to work on your business

Staying in bed all day with strong coffee, chocolates, and Ryan Gosling films

Spending more quality time with your kids

More date nights

More meals out

Giving back to the causes or communities you care about

Buying a commissioned piece of art instead of the print

Buying a private jet (hey, it’s possible!)

Retiring your spouse early

Putting a down payment on your dream house by the beach

Renting a bigger apartment in the city

Traveling around Europe

Traveling around the world

Escaping to the rainforest for a yoga retreat

Putting more secure roots down exactly where you are

Choosing organic, every time

Getting weekly massages

Hiring someone to cook for you

Spending more time cooking yourself (with jazz playing in the background and a glass of Malbec in your hand)

Buying fresh cut flowers every week

Scaling your business to a point where it can be sold

The beauty is… You get to choose what financial freedom looks like for you.

When you know how to open yourself up to abundance, and you receive abundance, you get to choose how you live your life, how you run your business, how you experience your freedom, and how you leave your legacy.

Now that is liberating. 

And it’s all within easy reach, once you master your inner game by applying the Richest Life Mastermind philosophy.

And yes, I use the word ‘easy’ deliberately.

I know how much you crave eeeeeease in every aspect of life, so it’s baked right into the experience.

This is how we’re going to turn your idea of a rich life from daydream
to day in day out

MODULE 1: Step Into Your Greatness

The fastest way to grow your business is to grow your confidence, and this module will have you feeling bolder and braver than you have in… ever? It’ll prime your mind for success and help you:

Heal past traumas that automatically stop you from valuing yourself in the way you should

Understand and embrace your self-worth (because until you do this, nothing will change)
Get clear on WHO you need to become in order to live your richest life – it’s you, but not the current you
Show up for your prospects and clients from a place of power and greatness instead of doubt, so they instantly trust in your confidence and believe you’re exactly the person they need to work with

Your people want to see the real you – that inspires them to show up as their confident, go-getter selves as well!

This module will help you bring out the powerhouse qualities and quirks that attract your ideal clients automatically.

MODULE 2: Become a Money Magnet

This is where we dig deep to change that money mindset from scarcity and lack to abundance and ease. This module will help you:

Uncover and release your biggest fears, emotions, and limiting beliefs around money – until you have true awareness of what’s keeping you paralyzed you won’t be able to live a rich life

Program your subconscious with thoughts of empowerment (absolutely key if you want making money to feel easy)

Take complete control of your energy system and rewire your mind for abundance

Once you’ve done the work it takes to rewire, making money won’t feel hard anymore. You eliminate the hustle and struggle and instead experience the natural, easy flow of money right into your bank account.

MODULE 3: Charge Your Worth

Hustle mode is no fun, and you want to have fun in your business! But until you charge what your work is actually worth, hustle will be your only option. In this module you’ll:

Discover the step-by-step system to get clarity on your offer and create packages that set your energy up for inevitable success set

Discover EXACTLY how to set your prices and raise them in a way that fills you with confidence, motivation and excitement

Learn HOW to stand behind your prices and sell with ironclad confidence (because, no, your business will not come crumbling down when you raise your rates)

Increase your prices over time without it feeling stressful or scary

Remember, once you make more money, it becomes easier to make even more. Master raising your rates and your richest life will be, well, real life.

MODULE 4: Sell with Confidence
& Soul

You have to sell in business – there’s no getting away from it! But it doesn’t have to feel like you’re having a heart attack. It can feel soulful and meaningful and even FUN, when you know how to do it right. In the final module, you’ll learn:

The simple and hugely effective process to win at your inner game of sales, before you even get on the sales call

The 5 exact steps to take to get the YES on the call, by guiding your prospect through a soul-driven sales conversation that makes it easy for you to communicate your value and easy for them to really really want it.

How to overcome objections and resistance with poise and zero awkward silences 

Exactly how to feel and think success, what to say and how to say it, and be able to handle the whole process and convert with grace

Once you’ve completed this module, you’ll be able to close over 80% of your sales conversations. Yes, at your new higher rate!

Imagine what your life would be like when you:

Have unlimited support and tailored guidance through any business and mindset roadblock
Start BELIEVING you deserve greater wealth and have unwavering faith that you’re hitting your financial goals without working harder or for longer
Have raised your confidence and your prices to help you double your business and beyond
Go through each sales conversation in a relaxed way, turning your prospects into high paying clients with the precision of a Swiss watch
Are able to scale your business FAST thanks to training and mentorship that produces real results

Want to see if the Richest Life Mastermind is for you?

All you need to do is click the button below and complete the short application form. If you’re a good fit for the mastermind, I’ll offer you a complimentary coaching call. 

Yes, for free 🙂

You can ask all the questions you like, and I’ll even shed light on one of your money ‘blind spots’ so you can experience the value and transformation of having a money mindset mentor in your corner.

 The tiniest shifts can have the biggest results…

  the wealth that allows you to live the life you want

 the freedom to choose how you spend your time

 the ease you crave in every aspect of your business

Money Mindset Mentor and… recovering hustler.

I know what you’re going through because I was you.

Yup, I know exactly how it feels to be caught up in the hard work mentality, believing that the only way to earn more is to work harder.

Even while I worked harder, I felt uncomfortable for having big money goals!

Who was I to want that money?!

I know what you’re going through because I was you.

Yup, I know exactly how it feels to be caught up in the hard work mentality, believing that the only way to earn more is to work harder.

Even while I worked harder, I felt uncomfortable for having big money goals!

Who was I to want that money?!

So… of course… I manifested unexpected expenses and low-income months. And when I had a good month and the money did come in, it barely stayed for a coffee before it left again.

After I’d bought many self-development courses that went unfinished, and hired several coaches believing “this one” would be the one to change everything,

I became conscious of my penny-pinching mentality that had me shushing my intuition and trying to save a few bucks, instead of trusting which program or coach was really the best fit.

Finally finally finally, I began investing in my money mindset, and when I saw immediate results, I became completely obsessed with this work.

I got laser clear on what I needed to do each day to become a magnet for wealth and created a real freedom-based business that actually gives me loads of, you guessed it, FREEDOM!

Over the last  years, I’ve paid off debts of over $108,000, moved into an apartment on a Portuguese beach with my beautiful family, and created a business that feels easy, spacious, and a lot more fun than before.

For me, my richest life includes seeing the world, so I’ve created a business that means I can (and do) work from just about anywhere in the world.

Think Zanzibar, Thailand, Mauritius, Tuscany, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Uruguay, Myanmar, and Kenya.

I raise my prices often and attract super committed, highly enthusiastic, hard-working, make-it-happen clients from all over the world.

Now, here’s a truth…

Many of these women were weighed down by deep, lifelong money blocks. They believed they couldn’t live a rich life unless they hustled hard and made sacrifices.

And that was the life they would create.

After working with me, my clients went on to achieve these results:

Doubled their income in one month

Started hitting consistent 5-figure months

Created 5-figure weeks and days

Signed their biggest contracts ever

Sold a year’s worth of sales in 24 hours

Signed more clients in 48 hours than in the previous 6 months (this was someone who already had a 6-figure business…)

Created their biggest income months during the lowest months in their business, historically

Got fully booked consistently during the mastermind months, WHILE consistently raising their prices

Started hitting their income goals for the upcoming 3-4 months in advance, in booked sales

Booked their first 5-figure clients within the first 3 months of their business

Booked $60,000 clients! In the first 5 months of online business

Sold their house for 3 times more money than they thought possible

So honestly, it’s not a question of if this program works. It does, and my clients’ results have proven that over and over again.

The question is…
Are you ready to become the woman
who can create the success she desires in her business and live her richest life?


value of $15,000

This is why this mastermind is so special.
You get me as your back pocket mentor for six whole months.
Six. Whole. Months.
That’s right, you have unlimited direct access to me
>> by Voxer – you get unlimited direct coaching
>> inside the private mastermind community

Whenever you have a question, a block, or you want to celebrate a massive win (because there will be lots of those!), I’m here for you.

And I respond extremely quickly, so you’ll soon know exactly what your next step should be.

IN ADDITION, you get 2 private coaching sessions you can use whenever you want during the program.


value of $6,000

Every week, I host a call where you can ask me anything about what we’re working through in the mastermind. Like:

What do I do when I can’t decide on a money goal?
How can I start seeing results NOW?
How do I get over the feeling of being ‘greedy’ for wanting a higher income?
How do I make sure I close my next sales call?
How do I release the fear around hitting my income goal?
How do I show up confidently for my launch?

Take advantage of me on these calls! We’ll dig into your deepest subconscious blocks together and shed light on your blind spots. You’ll get answers and clear action steps tailored to you and your unique business.


value of $3,500

These video trainings are my very best – I’m talking powerful step-by-step processes, strategies, and insider secrets that I’ve only shared with private clients until now – dripped in your Teachable mastermind portal across the four months.

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the videos for module one, week one.

They’re easy to consume and easy to implement, and come with supporting meditations, cheatsheets, and (fun!) exercises. Go through them whenever you like, however many times you like, and take action in a way that feels in flow, not overwhelming.


value of $5,000

The biggest reason entrepreneurs don’t achieve their goals isn’t because they can’t, but because they try to do it alone.

You are not alone here.

Not only am I in the private Facebook group every day, there’s a community of other women committed to a rich life full of ease, abundance, freedom, and joy who will

support you on your journey,
celebrate your wins (like your biggest month ever, signing your biggest client, or booking an all-expenses-paid speaking gig, for example…)
and be there for you if you stumble along the way.

Total Value: Over $29,500
Your investment: $7,000 – full payment
OR 1 payment of $4,000 – first month + 5 monthly payments X $1,000

What Some Of My Clients Say:

When you master your money mindset you create MAGIC.

Remember, living your richest life is about mastering your inner game. Inside this mastermind, you can learn exactly how to do that

Start now with a short application.

Want to see if the Richest Life Mastermind is for you?

All you need to do is click the button below and complete the short application form. If you’re a good fit for the mastermind, I’ll offer you a complimentary coaching call. Yes, for free 🙂

You can ask all the questions you like, and I’ll even shed light on one of your money ‘blind spots’ so you can experience the value and transformation of having a money mindset mentor in your corner.

The tiniest shifts can have the biggest results…


You and I both know that the best results come from consistent action, and this self-paced course will help you consistently work on your money mindset to ensure you don’t just live a rich life, but your richest life.

80% of the work required to get to the next level of income is clearing your money blocks.

Blocks you may not even know you have right now. So far, this program has helped women entrepreneurs from around the world achieve results like more business in one week than in 6 months.

Sound unbelievable? This program will show you how to create results like this for yourself. It’s the perfect complement to the Richest Life Mastermind.


Ever find yourself self-sabotaging, killing your own vibe, and procrastinating the tasks you know you should be doing in order to be abundant? This bundle is perfect for you. It includes five of my best money mindset reset trainings, with each one focusing on a specific issue, so you can get yourself back into a state of flow (and the $$$ rolling in):

How To Accelerate Hitting Your Money Goals – And Create Income On Demand

The 3 Step Process To Overcome Financial Self-Sabotage

How To Deal With Self-Doubts And Consistently Create $10k + Income

3 Money Mindset Shifts To Deal With People Holding You From Creating True Wealth

The 4 Essential Money Manifesting Practices To Include In Your Mindset Routine


a 30-day elevation journey to own your core truth, quit marketing like the masses

and get seen, heard,
AND well paid
for being YOU.

Value: $1,500

4-weeks of pure magic for you to align, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

Value: $997

6-week money magic incubator to download, package and sell out your best offer yet.

Value: $1,400

11 days of energy shifting work for you to access higher guidance, abundance and flow now.

Value: $997

PLUS Access to anything I release during our months of coaching
– including courses, and bundles.

Total Value (Program + Bonuses): Over $37,400
Your investment: $7,000 – full payment
OR 1 payment of $4,000 – first month + 5 monthly payments X $1,000

Your richest life doesn’t have to stay a faraway dream.
Let’s make it a reality!

You know it’s your time, you know you’re READY for this, else you wouldn’t have read all the way down here…

Your future success is not only dependent on your drive and willingness to transform, it’s also dependent on the people you surround yourself with.

The most powerful and successful female leaders in today’s world – the ones who have intentionally designed a life and business that makes an impact and fills them with joy – are all part of strong communities. They know they can’t do it alone, and they don’t expect themselves to.

Let this mastermind be your strong community and the wealth, freedom, and success you desire will be inevitable.