There’s something I feel like shouting from the rooftops regularly:
Your sacrifice is not necessary.
Your sacrifice is NOT making you more deserving.
You are deserving, you are good enough.
You are a wonderful worthy piece of magic.
Because you are.

I see so many amazing women choosing the hard way over and over
because we were taught that
sacrifice is noble
hard work is noble
struggling is making you better.
overcoming obstacles is making you deserving.

Now, while I do appreciate resilience.
And I think that an inevitable fight needs to be fought

I also know that you can always choose ease.
You can always choose flow.
And you can allow allow to be guided.
Being as worthy as the next person that chooses struggle.

There’s no nobility in spinning, sacrificing yourself for others or a cause.
Postponing help, closing yourself up to receiving.
Holding on the illusion of separation and loneliness.

You are never alone.
You are never separated from your magic.
And you are always deserving.

I learned this the hard way.
I learned it through struggling in my business for the longest time.
How could I have hired helped ( a mentor, a first VA, a first team, etc)
when I was not still where I wanted to be – with my finances, and self-worth?

I felt there was value in spinning and figuring it all by myself.
I felt I needed to prove myself BEFORE I deserved to get supported.
And I was so wrong.

The truth about sacrifice and struggle?
you may achieve what you want
but you’ll be spinning and feel like crap
all along the way.

Because the spinning energy creates more spinning
The sacrifice and push energy opens space for more of the same.

And the only way for true purpose, freedom & wealth is by feeling deserving of it all NOW
while letting go of the need to prove yourself through the struggle.

Which leads me to this:
If you are done with the spinning
if you FEEL you deserve to be guided, you deserve to be supported
and you deserve to go BIG
without dips, push or hard work….

Apply here for a complimentary session.

This is for you if you are a visionary, soul-led woman
looking for a mentor to calibrate your energy to,
someone who helps you go back to your soul,
tune back into your higher guidance
and discover your own path.

while creating wealth, impact and freedom – on repeat
with ease, grace and flow.

Breathe into the energy of the above and if you feel called,

Check all the details, success stories and apply here

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