A 6-week money mindset mastery program to rewire your subconscious for abundance, release scarcity from your field and create increasing wealth, ease
and freedom.

All the time. On repeat. Like Magic.

Struggle is no longer required.
Sacrifice is no longer requested.
Hard work is no longer needed.

It’s time to make the income you deserve
and get paid for changing the world.


The Soul Of Money is for you if….

✚ You feel uncomfortable with having money conversations with (potential) clients

✚ Money is often the reason why you say “NO” to things you actually want to have in your life

✚ You feel like you’re just not the kind of person who will ever be rich

✚ You think that you are not smart, educated, skilled, slim, pretty – good enough to make real money
✚ You feel guilty for wanting more than just enough / what you currently have

✚ You undercharge and over-deliver
✚ You can’t see how on Earth you could increase your income without working much harder

✚ Your earnings don’t reflect the work you put into your business

✚ You know you deserve more, but have no idea about how to make it happen 


✦ You are an uplifter, a visionary, a healer, who knows their mission is to help shift the world to a higher timeline

✦ You are tired of being overworked and underpaid

✦ You want to earn real money by pursuing your calling and doing what you love

✦ You are SO ready to bust through your money and confidence blocks and hit (multiple) 6-figures with increasing ease

✦ You want to create your financial freedom with the ultimate goal to leave thhis world a better place

✦ You are stuck at an income plateau and ready to move to the next level.

✦ You feel you’re sabotaging yourself when it comes to making more money ( hiding, not making the sale, procrastinating, getting sick/burnt out)

✦ You know you were meant for more AND deserve more.

If you identify yourself with any of these, you need to break through your money blocks NOW.
Because the more you elevate yourself, the more you can help others do the same.

Hi, I’m Cristina. 4 years ago I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey and never look back at the 9-5 life.

11 months down the line, I was pulling down 5-figure income. But…

I was hustling all day long, deep down I was feeling uncomfortable for wanting all that money. And I was regularly manifesting unexpected expenses and low income months.

I felt like I needed to work REALLY hard to reach my big money goals.

I would make a big impact month
and then I didn’t know where the money went.
And I would continuously live in a feast-or-famine vicious circle.

And every time I would miss my goals,
my self-confidence and my self-worth were knocked right back down to the ground. No matter how many times I got up. 

I took self-development courses.
I hired coaches.
I worked with different business people and consultants.

It took me another half a year to understand it was all bigger than just ‘thinking positively’. Between us, I think that’s such a silly thing to even try push ourselves into…

It was related to the energy I was emanating and then receiving back in my relationship with money. My frequency, my point of attraction, my expectations, what I believed was possible for me and through me.

No matter how many self-development books you read

No matter how good at manifesting you are

No matter how strong your will is



Manifesting money is the hardest type of manifesting if you don’t identify and clear your money blocks first.

I started my business thinking that my passion to help people my healing gifts – I was just starting to own
and my obsession for all things mindset,
energy and coaching

will be enough
to make a massive impact,
help change the world
and start contributing to my family lifestyle elevation.

Boy, was I wrong!

Everything seemed to flop.
I was practically collecting failures.

Money was going out faster than it was getting in.

I felt completely invisible and lost
in the big internet world
and money felt harder than ever before.

I was stuck, frustrated
and as much as I tried tuning into my inspiration
all I could access was just more desperation.


What I did not understand and was not fully willing to own at that point
was the deep impact of my limiting beliefs, resentment, memories,
and a frustrating history with money that had created guilt, shame, dread, and fear around money.

What I did not understand, above all,
was that in order to have a successful prosperous business my job was to feel good about money.

Now, 4 years later, my inner and outer reality feel completely changed.
I’m being signed by high-level clients
who feel excited and stoked to be working with me.

I’m being supported by a soul aligned amazing team
I LOVE working with.

Money is flowing in constantly
– even when I travel, take weeks off, and, yes, sleep! 🙂

I feel so grateful to be able to contribute to my family lifestyle and feel a strong partner too

I’m traveling with my two favorite people across the world
(Mauritius, Maldives, Canada, California, throughout Europe – just in the last 15 months)

And I know this is only the beginning, as I am aligning with new levels of wealth, ease and growth.

Over the last 4 years, I covered my debts of $108,000,
I moved with my family into a nice apartment on the beach – paid in full
– and created a constant flow of clients and money into my business.

And the number of women I’ve helped to consistently generate $10K+ months is growing to hundreds.

Releasing your blocks around money, 

healing your negative money memories, 

and continually increasing your capacity for receiving money 

change your life forever. 

The Soul Of Money is designed to rewire your mind, elevate your attraction point
and unlock your power to magnetize abundance in your life.

What Can You Expect From this journey

>> Energy, soul and cellular shifts – finally understanding, aligning with and starting to embody the energy of wealth
>> Opening yourself up to receiving – so you stop repelling money, opportunities and abundance
>> Discovering specific actions you can take especially when money feels limited and scarce
>> Learning how to balance the ‘acting as if’ with receiving the actual money in your bank account
>> Re-writing your money story so you can live and pass on a new legacy to your kids – creating a new money reality for yourself and your children
>> Identifying and overcoming your beliefs and fears keeping you stuck at your current income level
>> Releasing and healing the past money traumas and old money stories that make you feel unworthy of making real money
>> Shifting the energy you radiate so you start receiving more clients, more wealth, more freedom
>> Setting soul aligned money goals that you always get to hit
>> Starting to own and value your unique gifts and starting to charge your worth
>> Embodying surrender and faith (critical for fast wealth manifestation
>> And so much more.

Weekly Modules

Weekly modules to reset your mindset and energy gradually, fast, deep and for good

Advanced Money Manifesting Process

My Advanced Money Manifesting process – broken down, step-by-step for you

Exclusive FB Group

Lifetime access to an exclusive FB group for community support and direct support from my side (yes, lifetime. And, yes, this is unheard of)

All Content Available For Life

All the recordings, worksheets, meditations – available to you for life

Everything broken down into fast, simple steps

Each module is composed from several short videos, easy to consume. Each video focuses on ONE key shift or process, so the progress happens easily and fast.

Wealth Creation Journaling

Multiple weekly wealth creation journaling to open yourself up to receiving and shifting your energy

Mindset Reset Routines

The EXACT daily actions (mindset reset routines) to continually call in even more abundant income with ease.

Lifetime Access To ALL Updates

Every year, we are adding new bonuses, and masterclasses. You get access to every update.

This is your time to shift the way money works for you.

Now, here’s why you should say ‘yes’


Because your soul says ‘yes’!

Because NOT saying yes now will cost you even more spinning, hard work, self-doubt, time and overwhelm
Because you get access to a level of inner work and business transfomation much beyond the investment you make.

So, is it time to say ‘yes’ to your soul and wealth?

It is?

Click below and get in now!


Normal price: $1,500



Register and receive 6 Bonus Video Trainings! (Over 3 Hours and $500 of value)

How To Accelerate Hitting Your Money Goals - And Create Income On Demand

(Value $97)

How To Deal With Self-Doubts And Consistently Create $10k + Income

(Value $97)

The 4 Essential Money Manifesting Practices To Include In Your Mindset Routine

(Value $97)

Close 80% Of Your Sales Conversations And Create Income On Demand!

(Value $147)

The 3 Step Process To Overcome Financial Self-Sabotage

(Value $97)

3 Money Mindset Shifts To Deal With People Holding You From Creating True Wealth

(Value $97)



A 4-part video training series covering
DAY 1: How Exactly You Create Space For Abundance And Elevate Your Attraction Point
DAY 2: How You let Go Of Self-Sabotage. Trust And Surrender.
DAY 3: Create The Blueprint of The Rich Successful You (Energetic, Mental And Spiritual)
DAY 4: Download The Money Making Ideas And Share Them With The World




A 3-part video training series covering
DAY 1: How You Embody Your Next Level Wealth Energy
And Magnetism
DAY 2: How You Quantum Leap Into Your Next Level Wealth
DAY 3: How You Re-Write Your Money Identity




(or a payment plan)




  • Identify your deep limiting beliefs around your current income
  • The step-by-step process to release blocks and shift your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs
  • Identify and let go of your financial ledge, so you reclaim your power
  • Identify and remove your financial energy leaks
  • …. So you openly receive the flow of abundance in your life.



  • Identify, forgive and release your family money story
  • Uncover and heal past money traumas
  • Create a new money story to pass down to your kids
  • Fully open up to receiving more clients, more abundance and more freedom
  • … So you re-write your money legacy, claim your financial freedom and change your kids’ future forever.



  • Identify and remove your blocks around your money goals
  • Discover the exact process to get from $3-4K months to $10k+ in less than 3 weeks
  • Start building your faith and speeding up the money goals manifesting
  • … So you create the business and life you you want. Exactly as you want it.



  • Discover my secret advanced money manifesting techniques that help my clients double their income in less than 4 weeks of work together
  • Discover what to do (the exact steps) when it looks like your manifesting doesn’t work (My client Debbie used it and, within 6 days, she signed up an IDEAL client that bought a $3,500 package)
  • Learn the biggest mistake and the biggest secret to manifesting money fast and with ease
  • Discover how to get the Universe’s help on your side and create abundance. NOW, not in a distant, far away future.



  • how you master the foundation and then start upgrading automatically
  • The exact daily habits, the exact shifts
  • How you shift the energy of current situations INSTANTLY
  • How you detach from your income goals and watch them being created from a place of complete trust, normality, of course-ness!


This module will be newly created
inside a LIVE masterclass 
on March 11th.


Incredible Client Results

After experiencing such incredible clients results, I know that the process and tools you’ll learn in this program work, and that they have the power to transform your life. And I want you to feel really good about making this investment in yourself and your future.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s why I offer a 15-day money back guarantee.* If, after a half way through the program, you decide the program doesn’t meet your expectations then just submit your completed work and I’ll refund your enrollment fee, no hard feelings, no further questions asked.

That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.

With this kind of guarantee – there’s literally nothing for you to lose – and everything to gain.



  1. Sign up using the checkout page below
  2. Get instant – and lifetime- access to all of the modules and bonuses
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  4. Start working through the modules and content at your own pace
  5. Ask questions whenever you need support!

Over 5 weeks you will receive a combination of transformational content, group and individual mentoring, and community support all designed to help you create more money abundance in your life.

This course is held completely online! You can join from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

As soon as you sign up, you get instant access to the Private Facebook group. Every week, you’ll receive a new module of the program

You have access to all the content for life.
AND you also get access to ALL the future updates
(we usualy update it at least once per year, so the body of work
is continously growing)



As a member of the Soul of Money – A Money Mindset Mastery Course, you have lifetime access to the program tools and all future updates. You’ll never pay ongoing membership fees. The program is yours forever!

When you re-write your money story, you don’t just get more money. You give yourself permission to be…

Smart enough

Pretty enough

Creative enough

Resourceful enough

Special enough

GOOD enough

to deserve and receive everything you want from your business and life.

I don’t have a business yet. Is this for me?

The program is recommended for anyone ready to elevate their relationship with money and the way wealth and life works for them.

What can I expect from this program?

Deep shifting into abundance when it comes to your finances but actually around all the other aspects of your life.  A renewed sense of confidence, trust and creativity. Motivation to do the damn work. Elevated energy, elevated inspiration and freedom. Mindset shifts. Spiritual evolution. Power. New, healthier boundaries and standards.

What am I going to receive?

Soul shifting processes, frameworks and rituals delivered through 6 modules. Everything is broken into short videos, easy to cover and apply right away. A sacred space of transformation. Inspiration. Accountability. Tens of hours of transformational content. Soul-awakening coaching and mentoring. Personalized and guided inner work, spiritual activation work created for you. Direct connection to your next levels energy. New soulmate friends.

What if I am too busy and I don’t follow through?

The energy this container is programmed with is for you to take away EXACTLY what you need for the highest growth right now. This means you are not required or expected to cover all the trainings
– in order to shift, transform and grow.
The trainings, journal prompts and masterclasses, processes, secrets and activations are yours for life.
You can go through it all at your own pace.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, when you apply, you will be receiving all the details.

What is the refund policy?
There is a 15 day no questions asked money back refund policy.

We hardly ever get asked for a refund. This means we are in the 0.000000…1% with our refund requests.
But we also realize that having the freedom to return something that doesn’t feel in line with what you expected can be an important part of making a decision.

So here you have it:

If after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at within
15 days of your purchase and we will issue a full refund.

I am pondering about it, but I still have doubts. Should I buy?

Your answer lies always in the way you feel beneath the fear/doubt.
If you said yes to this work, would you feel excited about this work
and journey? Then trust that and allow your heart
to lead the way.

Also, consider this: the limited, fearful you will never take you
to your next level.  You re the queen of your life and business. 

It’s time you honor yourself,
and make choices like a queen.