I am coming from a corporate background
and, when I started my business,
I naturally looked for recipes.

I hired the funnel coaches
I did the ads things

I ended up with some success
but I felt deeply tired and overwhelmed

After a while, I started tuning into Soul more.
And I started applying chunks of the old strategies
but using now an energetic filter.

It worked a bit better,
but I still felt tired…

I was still pushing myself
to email daily
to make my ads work…

I was on my way to a third consciousness uplevel.

On the way there, I understood that..
we all have an energetic profile.

And the best way too grow for each one of us
is what works best with both our energy AND our passion.

The way that lights us up
and we’re excited to do.
Because it feels light, and fun and creative.

Energetic wisdom is about
turning off the exterior noise – all the ‘shoulds’ or I need…
and tune exclusively into OUR way
the way that feels good
the way that is sustainable
the way that stacks on exponential growth.

When we tune into our body,
this way always feels like
I would LOVE to do that!!
If it worked that way, it would be incredible!

This excitement and fun
brings in the support of the Universe.

So it’s not anymore about us pushing the doing alone
But it’s us doing and the Universe pouring it the magic into it all.

The activation journal prompt:
If there was no way to mess this up,
if I had full and complete freedom to do it my way,
what would change?

In the way I’m showing up?
In my offers. in my strategy, in my energy?
What’s coming up for you?
I’d love to know. 💛




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