Have you ever wondered how you can both hit your money goals AND create freely, without the money pressure?

I get it, it can be confusing.
Especially as a spiritual business owner,
who understands that it’s about
aligning to the energy of your money goals
and doing the soul work.

BUT without conditioning your money on the work.

I pretty much every week get asked to explain how this works.

How to let go of the pressure 
of making the offer/launch bring in a certain amount of money
so that money finds its way to you more quickly.

To the mind, it will always feel like a paradox.

In energy terms though, things are simple:
You get only what you embody already.
And if the vibe you send out is that of ’needing’ something – the money, the goal, the next level
you get more of the need energy.

In this week’s video, I am unpacking my process around how you unhook your work from the money need.

So you get to receive the money – as an inevitable result of you enjoying your work.

I’m sharing exactly how to infuse your soul work with the vibes that not only feel fulfilling to you
but work magic when it comes to your wealth attraction point
and the money you get to make.

This understanding alone has the power to shift your business. And, honestly, your life.

Shift now.

You can also watch the video on my Youtube channel.

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